Never bored at ASC

Hey Everyone,

This week is flying by!  This Saturday is Open House, which I talked about in my last blog, so ASC will have tons of visitors in a few days.  Soooo Exciting!!

This past weekend our APB group played Inception in the Orvis auditorium, which when the projector screen is down looks like an old school movie theatre and is a tong of fun.  APB sponsors all sorts of activities on campus so the students always have something to do!  Normally APB sponsors like two bands a year that play on campus, and we have movies every weekend.  Movies here don't always play at Orvis but they are always playing every weekend!!!!

Last night our Men's basketball team won their game against Keuka College...I believe it was Keuka...Either way they won woohoo go us!  This weekend is going to be packed for me from beginning to end.  I start moving into my apartment tomorrow afternoon, and  then continue to finish all the moving then open house here I come!  I also have 3 different interviews for my internship this about adding stress huh?

Alrighty if I think of anymore I will add it.


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