My Viennese Vacation

Ciao Tutti!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog! This time I will tell you about my trip to Vienna, Austria! I had my usual travel buddy with me for this one: my fiancee Meg! We had such an amazing time in Austria!

Since Austria is such a large place, we made a point of only visiting the major tourist attractions (which were very difficult to classify, everything is so beautiful in Austria!). We wound up visiting several palaces of Vienna, including the Hofburg, Belvedere, Schonbrunn Palaces. They were all absolutely massive, and were truly spectacular sights to see.

While we were walking around the "Ring" in Vienna -which is a long circular road that surrounds most of the historical parts of Vienna - we also were able to see some kind of crazy bike festival. There were tons of tents set up selling biking equipment and all different types of mountain bikes. In the middle of all these tents there was a large area designated for dirt mounds, which were used as jumps for bikers! They did a bunch of really cool tricks, which made for some awesome pictures.

Finally Meg and I were able to see a show at the Schonbrunn Palace, which consisted of opera singers, ballet dancers, and an orchestra, in the Schonbrunn Palace! They played lots of classical songs, most of which were composed my Mozart. It was such an incredible experience, and it is true what they say: if you go to Vienna, you have to go to an opera house. It was so much fun, and seeing it performed inside the beautiful Schonbronn Palace was a wonderful experience for Meg and I.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and please look forward to more coming up soon.

Here are some pictures from my trip:

Meg and I had an amazing time, if you ever get the chance to go to Vienna, DO IT!

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