My Spring break Travels ~ Part 1: The Vatican

Ciao tutti!

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last post, due to the European ‘backpacking’ lifestyle that I lived for the past week, I simply could not find the means to post blogs during my travels of Europe. As I had promised in my last blog post, I will now take the opportunity to tell you all about my travels during spring break during my next several blog posts. I hope you enjoy hearing about my travels as much as I enjoyed living them!

For our first trip during spring break 2011, we all decided to go to the Vatican. Many of us felt a hint of guilt about living two months in Italy and not seeing one of its most visited tourist attractions, and one of the most visited places on earth! We simply had to go to the Vatican first.

Seeing everything the Vatican had to offer us simply blew our minds. I find that I still have smoke leaking from my ears.

The first part of the Vatican that we saw was the Vatican museum, which was absolutely massive. It housed hundreds and hundreds of different religious sculptures and paintings! Every new room was an entirely new adventure, having its own unique charms and qualities to offer. Sometimes when I was in the museum I had actually thought that I had accidentally wondered off into a different museum by accident!

Then we got to go see one of the most talked about chapels ever: The Sistine Chapel. The size of the chapel was relatively small, but the work on the ceiling done by none other than Michelangelo himself simply took my breath away. I wanted to take tons of pictures of it, but all the guards kept yelling “NO FOTO!” to everyone that walked in. I did manage to sneak one from my waist despite the efforts of the guards.

After the museum we ventured over to Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica, which was a marvel in itself. We first went to the square, which was surrounded by a circle of massive columns, and contained two beautiful fountains and a big obelisk in the center – just like in the movies.

I tried to get some pictures of myself playing hackie-sack in the square (you will find that playing hackie-sack near major buildings and squares has been a trademark for me during my travels) but some policemen on golf carts quickly put a stop to that! I did manage to get a few pictures however.

Then we got to go inside St. Peter’s Basilica, which was simply amazing. Words cannot describe the wonders that I was exposed to! Then if that wasn’t enough, we all paid to go to the very top of St. Peter’s dome, exposing us to the best cityscape views that Rome has to offer.

Not bad at all for my first day of travels, eh?

Here are some pictures from this wonderful day, and look forward to more blogs soon!

Statues as far as the eye can see

Michelangelo's painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, plus the bottom of my chin XD

And finally, me playing hackie-sack in St. Peter's Square! What an awesome day.

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