My day as an Alfred State student

So let me start off with introducing myself, I'm Anne and I am just starting my 3rd year, my 5th semester, here at Alfred State College. I am a liberal arts and social science major and I absolutely love it. I originally started here at Alfred as an Interior design major, although it is a great program, I decided it wasn't for me. I began the liberal arts program in order to take classes having to do with psychology. This is my last semester here at Alfred and I will be sad to leave. This school has helped me show my true colors, I have met so many wonderful people and I have been actively involved in the Alfred community because I love trying new things and meeting new people.

On a typical day in Alfred I wake up and go to class. Most of my classes are in the Agriculture building, which is located next to the admissions office. The classes I am taking this semester are Human biology, Intro to Literature, Contemporary social problems, International relations, and Western Civilizations. My favorite class by far is Contemporary social problems, the professor really gets us involved in the topic, and the class size is about 10 which is really nice because he knows every single one of us by name. After class I normally grab something to eat at the terrace, which is the main dining hall on campus and it is all you can eat for one meal swipe. They also have the best ice cream on campus in my opinion. After lunch I normally go to the library and do my homework Since I am in a sorority I have to do most of my school work in the library, I am required to do 5 library hours a week. After the library I go on to the rest of my classes. After that I go to dinner, normally because I am in a rush I go to Friendly's or taco bell which is located near the terrace. The food there is really for students who are on the go but still want a decent meal. My favorite day is Thursday because they have pasta nights at Friendly's. Immediately following dinner I normally have to work at the admissions office as a student caller. After I am done with all that I either go to my room and relax from my busy day, or I hang out with my sorority sisters.

What I really like about Alfred is that it is a small community. For the most part you know a good number of the people that are students here, and you know most of the faculty. The class sizes are small and they are always taught by a professor and not a teaching assistant. When I originally started looking at schools that was one thing that I did not want, teaching assistants. Hearing TA at all the other college that I looked at made me less interested in that school and more interested in Alfred because that was something I didn't hear, and I knew all my classes would be taught by the professor I was assigned to. I love that my teachers know me by name and when I have questions I can meet with them and they will know exactly who I am and some professors even know my life story.

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