Mid-term end

Well today marks the end of the of the first half of the semester.  Can you believe that?  It seems like this semester is just flying by.  Last week, I had 3 tests (2 in the same day). Talk about a busy week of studying.  They were returned this week and I did really well on all three! So now hopefully we can say the same for my mid-term grades, which will be posted next Thursday.  (I'm just kidding, I know I am doing great this semester)  I know all of my grades already because most of the teachers post the grades for their classes on Blackboard.  Blackboard is an online learning center where teachers can post information regarding the course and if you are taking an online course, that is where all the information is located and you would hand in assignments.  It is very convenient.

Not much went on this week so there is not much to talk about.  (It was only a three day week because of mini-break).  I will have more to talk about next week because our first fall open house is next Sunday, October 6th.  If you are available you should consider coming and learning about the college!

Thanks for reading. Post again next week.

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