Last Open House of the Semester

Yesterday was the last open house for the fall semester, and I thought it went really well.  Both of our open houses this semester did.  Yesterday we had quite a few more people come than our first one back in October, so I'm glad to see that we have so many people interested in our school.  If any of you visited our school during either open house this semester or any other time, I hope all of your questions were answered and you got to see everything you wanted.

This week also marks our last mini-visit for high school visits.  Throughout the semester we've had quite a lot of schools come on these mini-visits, and I hope that students got someting out of them.

Even though we've had our last open house of the fall, if you still want to visit our school we'll be giving tours all semester.  If we haven't seen you here this fall, hopefully we will before we go home for break!

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