Introducing Myself As A Student

Hello! My name is Trina Rodebaugh and I am currently a student here at Alfred State College.  This is my junior year here and I have loved every semester so far! When I came here in the fall of 2007, I was in the Architecture program and was until last year.  I did obtain my Associates Degree and am now in Technology Management.  With these two degrees, I hope to find a job as a project manager at an architecture firm in the near future. 

Here on campus I am involved in various programs and organizations.  Some of which include Business Professionals of America, Women In Non-Traditional Studies, Architecture Club, and I help conduct a fundraiser every semester for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.  I am also a Student Ambassador.  This includes working in the Admissions building as a student caller who contacts perspective students, giving campus tours, helping with open house for perspective students and their families and being a student blogger. 

I truely enjoy my time here at Alfred State College and all the things that I do!

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