Internships and Graduation

Hey Everyone,

So I wrote a blog last week and I think I may have screwed it up and not submitted it right so lets try this again.

Last week I had really exciting news about getting an apartment in Corning, and I talked about internships, which is what I need to fullfill my curriculum requirements for my degree in Technology Management.  Internships are pretty typical with a lot of our degrees here at ASC and we have a lot of great resources on campus to help us find one that is perfect for the criteria that we need to meet within each major.  Our Career Center, which is located in the Student Development Center has people there who can help you find an internship, and after graduation a job.  I believe that they have a 99% placement as well which is awesome.  So Maureen Sibble will be seeing me for the rest of the semester until I find the perfect internship! 

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