Human Service Awareness Day

Human service awareness day was a huge success. S.O.S had a table to recruit new members and we actually had a lot of interest! Hopefully next year we will have much more interest, so the group can keep running because it was the potential benefit many people on and off campus. For example, we have already held a canned food drive for local food pantries, to my suprise we actually raised a lot of food. We plan on having an end of the year meeting to address who we are going to run the club nexy year. If you have any interest at all come and give us your input. I will post the date and time when we know. Also, become a friend of the facebook page.

This semester if flying by and many students have so much work to do. Don't forget to stop at the writing center before handing in your final papers. THey will look them over and make corrections (VERY WORTH IT!). Well good luck this week students with all the finishing touches on final papers and projects.

Thanks for reading. Post again next week.

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