Homecoming weekend and Greek Week!

Starting last Friday, this week has been busy for me. Last weekend was Homecoming weekend and as soon as the weekend ended Greek Week began.

It started on Friday with Alfred’s Got Talent which is a campus wide talent show. It’s always super great to watch because you get to see your friends and people you see around campus show off their skills. Saturday morning started bright and early for me. I went to the Gold Rush early to help set up and then some of my sorority sisters and I volunteered to run one of the games that were in the gym. The homecoming committee had all sorts of really cool things in the gym. There was a cotton candy machine, games, a photo booth, and a ticket raffle with all sorts of really cool prizes, and of course I didn’t win anything. I wasn't too worried about it. After the Gold Rush, the 10 different Greek houses then competed in Family Feud in the Orvis Auditorium. The game was set up so the Sororities faced the Fraternities, and like always the Sororities dominated the game! After that was over I went to the football field and watched the football team play and they won! It was all together just a great day.

Monday was just as busy as Friday and Saturday. Monday after classes Greek Week began. It started with a campus wide rush (Rush is where a person goes to meet a sorority or fraternity if they are interested in pledging). My sisters and I met tons of new people as we played human candy land (We took the game and made a larger version and instead of moving pieces you move along the board). It was a lot of fun. Tuesday began the Greek Games. Tuesday night the Greek’s competed against each other in tug-o-war. It was so much fun. Each team had 6 people on it. My sisters and I must have something going for us because we won the tournament. We were surprised seeing as most of us aren’t very athletic. Wednesday night was just as fun. The sororities competed against each other in kick ball and the fraternities in dodge ball. My sisters showed off their un-athletic skills as we came in last for kickball. Most of us had trouble even catching the kickball, but we were fine with losing because we had fun regardless; we just enjoy spending time together.

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