Hi Everyone I'm Valerie!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Valerie and I am a student at ASC in the technology management curriculum.  I have attended ASC now for 5 years and this is the start of my 6th!  I know I have been here for ever some of my friends even call me the resident grandma Frown, but I love Alfred State so I am glad I chose to stay here to get another degree.  My first degree that I got from ASC was an associates degree in Human Services.  I loved the curriculum, but I felt like I needed to have more in my education background before I tried to get a job... Now the "real World" is only a few months away lol.

So theres a lot going on here at a\Alfred this fall we actually had our 3rd annual homecoming game that just passed... it was a really close game and so many students showed up.  The whole weekend was a blast.  My sorority Alpha Sigma got to help work Gold Rush which is this really cool little carnival for all of the faculty, family and all of our students and alumni!  We also got to compete against all of the fraternities here at Alfred in "Alfred Squares", which is kind of like Hollywood Squares except they ask questions about Alfred State, and we get willing faculty/staff to be in the squares... They make it really amusing, but the real point here is that the sororities won...AGAINSealed  Thats because girls rule Wink

Alright well I will write again with way more updates next time hopefully I'll have more exciting news to share with you guys.




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