Halloween Week Events

Well, fall has officially set in here at Alfred State (although today seemed more like winter), and it has come with all of the necessary events and traditions of the season.  The Dining Hall is serving cider, people are wearing scarves, and haunted houses have begun.  The next thing everyone is looking forward to is Halloween!

Many clubs and organizations are planning activities for students here, including Hall Councils and RA's.  Here in Peet, our Hall Council has planned several days of activities leading up to Monday.  Last night, Wednesday, we had scary movies with popcorn playing in our movie theater, and tonight they sponsored a field trip for students to go to the "Six Gates of Hell" haunted houses in the Buffalo area.  Saturday and Sunday we are playing more movies with popcorn again, and on Monday we are having an Extravaganza, which includes a donuts on a string competition, pumpkin poker, caramel apples, donuts and cider, and of course trick-or-treating.

All around campus there are events like these going on, and even locally there are hay rides and haunted houses going on.  They even pick students up right here on campus and take them to the sites and back.  This week, no one will have to worry about finding things to do!

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