Gulf Coast – 11/12/10

11/8/10 - It’s our last week here. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The weather has only just gotten amazing the past couple weeks. It’s been in the 60s during the day, and pushing the lower 40s at night. The sky has been perfectly cloudless, and the sun feels good enough to take an afternoon nap in. It feels like the North East September that I was so sad to miss, only better, from what I hear.

I think I’m ready for the trip to be over, but there are a lot of things I’m going to miss down here. The other day, I’m waiting for my buddy Frank outside the post office, so I climb up in a big old live oak to bask in the sun. These trees are mostly all over 100 years old because it’s the big ones that survived the storm. I can see a man waiting in his car watching me, and I’m wondering what he thinks of this kid with a mohawk climbing a tree right in front if him. I’m imagining all the disapproving things he’s thinking, when he gets out of his car to talk. We had a great little chat about the trees, the weather, the town, our work, and everything else till his wife came back. That can happen in NY, but it’s a rarity — here it’s normal.

11/12/10 - In the van on our way back to Alfred. The ride back has been a lot better then the one down, mostly because I listened to a podcast, watched two movies, and then slept for 7 hours straight. I’m looking forward to going home for a few days. I’m not one to get homesick, but I need quiet. I’d love nothing more then spend all weekend working alone in my shop.

Yesterday when the folks from The Episcopal Church Initiative were saying their goodbyes (they made us a plaque!), Pete was asking everyone “what was the highlight of the trip?” I’ve heard that question many times before, not just for this trip, and it’s always impossible to answer honestly. What I can say is that it was an experience. Just like any other experience, this one had it’s ups and downs, but overall I know without a doubt it was positive for everyone.

Here’s a video Dr. Anderson put a lot of time into filming when he was down here. Props to whoever edited it – I like how it came out.


This is the first Jazz Funeral we saw. They've already marched to the cemetery playing sad music, now they're on their way back playing happy music.


Everything about this eave detail is wrong. A lot of this house was wrong. I hate to say it, but it really should have been torn down and rebuilt.


This wall was my baby for a week. Best opportunity ever to teach myself how to adjust siding coursing to fix pre-existing error in the wall as well as the siding that'd be done before me. I was mad that I got moved from the house before I could finish it.


The view from the back of that same house.


This is a Habitat Project called Musicians' Village. I made Bill drive by it one day because I'd seen in featured on This Old House a couple years ago. That show is one of the reasons I wanted to work down south.


We played paintball again on our last weekend. Here's Doug Baker working the snake.


We did sheet rock in the pink shotgun house that we started in. I'd been wanting to do sheetrock, but I ended up spending most of my time fixing framing issues.


Our buddy Pat presents Norm with a framed picture of all of us.


They also made us a plaque with a hammer, Mardi Gras beads, and plastic shrip.


Caravanning on the way home with Big Bird, and Bills redneck truck cap.

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