Greek Week

Last week was Greek Week on campus. Greek week is a week where the sororities and fraternities on campus come together and do multiple activities. There is an all Greek rush that takes place in the beginning of the week where everyone who is interested in Greek life and come and mingle with different houses to figure out which one fits them the best. At the all Greek rush each house had to present an activity. My sorority, Psi Sigma psi, decided we were going to dig for trivia. The girls who were coming to our table had to stick their hand in something and dig for the trivia question.Another thing that happens during Greek Week is the sports tournaments. We played tug of war and kickball this year. My house did pretty well until the last round we lost but it was all in fun. During the kickball tournament, a dodge ball tournament was going on for the fraternities. We were able to watch our brother house play dodge ball and cheer them on. The whole week was a lot of fun, we got to know other houses better and it was a time to celebrate the fact that we were part of this community here at Alfred State.


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