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Now that you have been updated from last weeks blog (that I had to redo again haha) I can update you on whats going on here with my life at ASC!  I know I have mentioned before that I am a sister in Alpha Sigma Sorority.  Well this week is actually the second week of pledging, which is a four week process of basically learning about each individual organization that the pledge is a part of.  Pledging is a really fun month where we get to teach our traditions and history to a class of pledges and teach them how to one day be sisters!  Here at Alfred we have a slogan that when you pledge it's "4 Weeks for Life", and we literally mean that because once you join a fraternity or sorority here in Alfred you join a family.  Once you graduate you still come back to see people, and you have all of the alums of each organization, which is this like huge extended branch of family like you have 1,000 sisters, and cousins, and just a ridiculous amount of support that will always be there for you when you need them.  SO all thats left is 2 more weeks and then HEAVEN day which is basically just a celebration day of welcome to Greek Life!!! lolCool

Anyway also at Alfred right now there are a few fundraisers and charity work happening here on campus.  One of the fraternities right now is running a Red Cross Blood Drive, and in past years they have gotten the largest number of blood donors that the Red Cross has had in their rotation of SUNY schools.  Another event that I was actually involved in last weekend was called Pamper Me Pink, which is a breast cancer fundraising and awareness event, which was so much fun.  All day my sorority got to help run the event, and we even got to stay and watch one of our alumnae walk in the fashion show.  50% of all purchases made at this event went to breast cancer research for a cure.  I will attach pictures to this blog so you can take a look!!!!


Alright well I'll write again soon.  I hope you all have a good weekendTongue out



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