First Architectural Project

Ciao Everyone!

For this post I thought I would tell you all a little bit about our first project for our Architectural design studio, which we refer to as 'Studio Sorrento." This past week, we made a trip to the Island of Capri, which is about a 20 minute ferry ride from the port in Sorrento. It is a very beautiful island with some really breath-taking views, however these views were not the reason why we made this trip to Capri.

This time we were there to study a particular piazza named Piazza Umberto. The goal of our project was to study the piazza - how it funtions, how it is planned, and why it is effective. We did this by taking a series of photographs, taking notes about the piazza and its features, and doing quick geometric sketches of the piazza.

For all of you architecture students who are interested in travelling abroad, many of your projects will be geared towards improving your sketching skills, which is a vital part of becoming a successful architect.

This project is more for us to get used to sketching in the field, analysing a particular site and all its features, and above all, to learn about the concepts of what make Italian piazzas so effective.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog, and I will have plenty more in the near future, so check it frequently!

Below are some pictures from the Piazza Umberto, enjoy!

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