Exhibition of Artwork by Carol Flaitz

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Thanks for taking the time out of your week to check out my blog, and as usual I hope everyone enjoyed their week. This week I wanted to focus on some of the art related programs here at Alfred State College.

The Llewellyn Art Gallery is still fairly new to our campus, and is located in the Digital Animation wing of the Engineering Building. It houses lots of different displays of artwork and design, and is open for students to go visit at appointed times throughout the day. Artwork displayed in Llewellyn can be student or professional work, or a combination of the two. In addition to artwork, architectural and interior designs are also displayed there.

The most recent display is of an artist named Carol Flaitz, a modern artist who creates incredibly sharp and colorful pieces of art using nanotechnology. The name of her display is "One Billionth of a Meter," and will remain on display until November 5th, when Alfred State will replace it with another type of artwork. I have had a chance to check out Carol Flaitz's work and I must say she is quite talented. Below you can see some examples of Carol's work.

artwork by Carol Flaitz     artwork by Carol Flaitz

Displays of student artwork can be found all throughout campus, and it is quite remarkable how artistic talent can be found at a tech school! On campus students can see professional artwork such as Carol Flaitz's, or student artwork on a daily basis. If you are interested in pursuing an art degree from Alfred State, or just have a taste for observing artwork, please come down and visit Alfred State College and check out our art programs.

Thanks again for checking out my blog, and look forward to another blog entry next Friday.

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