End of semester is fast approaching

Finals week is fast approaching. It is important to not get behind in your work because at this time of the semester it seems to be constantly piling up. It is very easy to get really overwhelmed during this time, but the school offers some opportunities to the students in order for them to perform during finals week to the best of their abilities. First off, today they are offering a free presentation for students to attend about finals week. The presentation is being held in the Allied Health building at 5:00, presented by Cindy Thorp. The topics that are being discussed are what to do before the test, what to do during the test, what a mnemonic device is, and whether or not you should cram for a test. Another thing that is offered is peer-to-peer tutoring, which is free and very helpful because you are getting things that you don't understand explained to you from a peer and not a professor. Also, the professors are very helpful, and are usually willing to have you come to their office for extra help. Remember do not get behind. And GOOD LUCK!

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