Construction on Campus

There may be a lot of construction on campus these days, which is a nuisance to many, but I think that in the end it will be worth it.

The major project that is going on is the building of the newStudentLeadershipCenter. Right now it just seems like a hole in the ground, but in the end it will be a unique building that will encourage students to become leaders. The building will be located in the center of campus and students can gather there throughout the day. The building will also house 25-30 "civic minded" club spaces, where Alfred State College Club offices will be located. Since there are so many clubs on campus and few offices, the clubs will be chosen to be located in these offices after the student leaders have submitted a student leadership business plan on a project that gives back to the community (campus, local, regional, world) and must include a marketing plan that explains how they will effectively draw other students to their projects. Like I have said previously, it is apparent that Alfred State College is dedicated to civic engagement, and this is just another project to prove that.

Other construction projects that are happening on campus are the upcoming renovation of the Orivs auditorium, which it update the space into a modern auditorium and the Allied Health building, which is gaining a new forensic science wing in it.

It saddens me not to be able to see the completed renovations of the campus, but I guess it is just another perk of coming back to the campus to visit after I graduate.

Thanks for reading. Post again next week.

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