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Hey Everyone,

I know I haven’t written anything in a while, but on the Brightside now I have a lot to talk about!  My internship at the Corning- Painted Post School District is going really well so far, and I am so lucky because it is a great experience.  There has been so much going on in my life that I don’t even know where to start.  Who would have thought that living in your first apartment working a full time internship would actually resemble being a “grown-up” yuck Tongue out

My apartment is great but every once in a while I have these feelings like I am not allowed to do something or have to go to a hall meeting… it’s like phantom pain where your leg is cut off but you can still feel your feet ya know?  I am still a full time student, but for the first time in 5 ½ years I am not in a dorm room I am in my own place…Where you have to pay for cable and internet oh Alfred how I miss you lol.  I do love being responsible for myself 100% of the time now, but it’s a hard adjustment thank god I have the tools to do it though.  A few days ago I tried to make an attempt at decorating my apartment with picture frames… It took me 19 nails before I realized it just wasn’t going to happen the picture frame is crooked but I quit for now.   Yesterday after my internship I decided I have went long enough without cleaning my little one bedroom apartment and it took me six hours to get fully clean and normally I am pretty neat but who wants to clean when they get home from 8 hours of work???  I have no idea how my parents even managed all of these years I am exhausted! 

Before I cleaned yesterday I tried to put a bathroom hutch together that I bought from Wal-Mart because I need more storage and I am sick of running into my room every morning scrambling around looking for my blow dryer or makeup or whatever else I need well long story short the hutch is together and a little crooked.  I didn’t have a hammer so I used the end of my screwdriver to pound in those tiny nails.  And in some places if you look at the hutch I used the wrong length screws and the wood is puckering because the nails are coming through the other side. But guess what?  It’s functional and I did it all by myself Laughing

I am having better luck at my internship then I am with home décor luckily for me and my upcoming graduation.  I attend the coolest press conferences and I get to write press releases and guess what?  They have all been published…My press releases have been published how cool is that?  I got to take video of Jordan Frysingers press conference when he officially signed his contract to play at Illinois for football this coming Fall, and I got to attend this great press conference that detailed information about FAST, which is a program that some of the local schools are using to help reverse child obesity, and I got to take pictures and listen to all of the interviews afterward.  This internship is better than what I could have expected and I love every minute.  My Professors would like to know as much as my whole class complained “we don’t need to know this stuff” we actually do I am using tools that I gained at ASC all the time… It’s like admitting I’m wrong and it tastes like vinegar LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

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