Back to Alfred Again

Well here are are again, back at Alfred State College. This is a bittersweet beginning of the semester for me however, because it will be my last semester on campus. It seems like such a long road before you start college, but in the long run it all pays off. I will let you know what I am feeling when it comes closer to the time for me to leave Frown

So far the semester looks promising. I like all of my classes and am having a grand time getting to know my new professors (there is only 2). I think that this is an upside of attending Alfred State, many of the professors that you have to have multiple time throughout your stay. For example, Dr. Lounsberry. I have had him every semester since my fourth semester here (this is now my seventh) and currently I have him for two of my courses this semester. I believe this is not only beneficial because you really get to know the teachers personally and their teaching styles, but they can also be good references on your resume because they are able to dictate good aspects of your personality and your work ethic. Therefore, I recommend getting on their good sideSmile

That's all for now. Blog again next week.


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