A little bit about me and my daily life at ASC.

Before I get started on telling you about my daily life I'll start by giving some basics about myself. I'm Jess Long (My real name is Jessica but I only get called that if I'm in trouble). I'm 20 years old and from Hamburg NY. It’s like 15 minutes south of Buffalo. I graduated from Frontier High School in 2009 and I'm a third year student in the Forensics program (I absolutely love everything about it). When looking for colleges I had originally looked for pre-med schools but I took a class in high school that was an introductory forensics class and fell in love. I looked at a lot of schools that offered a forensics program and Alfred State stood out to me from the beginning. I loved the intimate class sizes and the friendliness of everyone that I had encountered. Once I became an actual student of the school I fell even more in love with the college. My professors are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I'm not just another student in the back of the class with the small class sizes the teachers get to know you and do their best so that you understand what they are teaching to the best of their abilities and they know how to challenge you and make you that much more prepared for what is coming next. Another great thing about the school is the amount of extracurricular activities that you can become a part of. I take full advantage of this also. I'm president of my sorority Alpha Sigma, Vice president of Greek Senate, which is in charge of organizing the ten Greek houses on campus, I'm an Resident Assistant in Shults Hall, a member of the Alfred State Jazz band when my schedule will allow it, and last but not least a student ambassador. 

                I guess now I can tell you a little about what happens daily for me. In the morning I wake up and go to classes. In my 5th semester of forensic science I am taking, Analytical Principles, Physics 1, Calculus 2, Art History and Western Civilization. In the middle of all those classes I scheduled a lunch break where I usually go eat at the Terrace which is an all you can eat buffet for one meal swipe. After class is over I usually work on homework for a little while. Then I go to dinner. Dinner is typically where ever I feel like eating that day. There are so many different options that it's hard to not find anything that you like. After dinner I either go to work as a student caller or go to one of the other many clubs I'm involved in. A lot of people say I do too much but I love to be involved. The more involved I am the happier I am and getting involved at Alfred is easy. Every club or organization is more than willing to welcome you with open arms. After my meetings I generally relax or hang out with my friends or sorority sisters, until my favorite shows come on, and after that it's bed time. 

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