9/11 Ceremony

I know that this was awhile ago, but I just saw an announcement about it and thought that it would be something beneficial to talk about to show how much Alfred State College cares about the community.

The weekend of 9/11 was filled with activities commemorating the 10th anniversary of that day. On Friday, President Anderson led a ceremony honoring  those who lost their lives and are still fighting for the United States because of the tragic day. The ceremony was followed by a balloon releasing. On Saturday the movie "United 93" was shown about the United Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. On Sunday, there was a run/walk called "2 Towers, 2 Miles, 2 Remember Memorial Run/Walk." The proceeds of this run/walk benefited the Shanksville Memorial. This weekend was a beautiful tribute for that tragic day and goes to show how much Alfred State College cares about the community.

Alfred is also currently helping in the efforts to aid the people affected by Hurricane Irene. The college is sending people to help rebuild the destroyed areas and is raising items that are needed to aid in these efforts. We have also done other projects. For example, sending people to Haiti and to Louisiana to rebuild from Hurricane Katrina. As you can tell from all the humanity work that Alfred State College does, it really cares about the community.

Thank you for reading. Post again next week. Smile

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