50 Degrees in Feburary!

This week have been a good week, and the weather just makes it so much better. What a nice day it has been today. It was almost 50 degrees! Too bad that it won't stay that way for long. Oh well, at least we could enough it while it lasted.

I know that it is difficult to pay for your college education and there are a few ways around that. This week in our Student Announce there was a message about two scholarships that were being offered. We have these opportunities from time to time and everyone should take advantage, it will really help you out in the long run.

Tonight is the opening night of "Bang Your Dead," being performed by the Alfred State Drama club. I would like to wish all the cast members good luck for tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday. Go if you have the time. It should be a good show.

The S.O.S group launched the can drive for the various food pantries in the area on Monday. Just a reminder to help out and donate a can. It would be greatly appreciated by many.

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