4 Weeks to go and counting....

Hey Everyone,

So it's Friday again and we are preparing for our second Open House here at ASC this semester.  The open house will be Saturday, November 13th!  It should be a fun day.  We take out tours of the campus and there is always something to do so you definitely will never get bored!!!

The same weekend as open house I am moving into my apartment, which I can't wait for I am finally graduating... I know I am going to miss Alfred like there no tomorrow, but I am really excited to be starting a different part of my life.  After 6 long years the end is 4 weeks away. 

I know I have exciting things to talk about, but the only one I can think of is "Frozen Alfred".  A week or two ago about 50 students participated in an activity called Frozen Alfred, which is a spin off of "Frozen Grand Central" by improv now.  I met this group of students at 11:30 at our schools bell tower and we talked about our plan to literally freeze at 5 minutes to 12.  The general idea of frozen Alfred is to act normal and do regular day to day tasks then when the switch is flipped aka 5 to 12 and the bell towers America the Beautiful sounded to stop exactly where you were mid task and stay that way for 5 minutes until the bell tower struck 12.  It went off perfectly!  We had spectators and everyone who came participated.  We held our positions for 5 minutes and when it was time just left and walked away like nothing happened.  A lot of people stopped and were really serious so it was really cool that we had that effect on everyone.  Not to mention that some people are still talking about it.  If you want to get an idea of what it looked like YouTube search "Frozen Grand Central".

Alrighty I will write again soon until then have good days!!!!



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