Mount Vesuvius

Ciao Everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! This is an exciting one -- yesterday a few of my friends and I took a trip to Mount Vesuvius! The original plan for our journey was the same as most people's who wish to venture to the top of the mighty Vesuvius. First, take a train to the Pompeii stop. Next, take a bus all the way to the 1000m (above sea level) marker, and then take a 20-30 minute hike to the top of the mountain.

For our group, our trip to the top of Mount Vesuvius did not go exactly as planned.

We first arrived in Pompeii around 9:15 AM, and that was about the only thing that went right throughout the entire day. Upon arrival we were informed that the buses were not running to the top of Mount Vesuvius due to a strike being held by the tour guides of Mount Vesuvius. Apparently their wages are not too great, so the protesters decided to not only go on strike, but to block off the main road to the famous volcano.

This might have stopped most people, but it didn't stop us!

We wound up spending the entire day walking to the volcano (which was a very easy landmark to keep track of), then actually climbing the volcano, and finally walked back to the station. We were on the move for roughly 7 hours, and walked at least 12 miles (or at least thats what my sore legs are telling me!).

We wound up travelling through busy streets, tree canopies, vinyards, and rocks and gravel. Even though this sounds like a LOT of hard work, getting to the top of Mount Vesuvius was completely worth it!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and look forward to more news in the very near future! It seems like every day has been a new adventure for our class group here in Sorrento, and I have a good feeling that that trend is bound to continue...

Here are some pictures from our journey, and thanks again!



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