First Open House

I thought that the first open house was a huge success.  Everything ran smoothly as far as I know and there was a large turnout.  For those of you who didn't attend because you are unsure about what open house is, I recommend that you attend even if you are simply considering Alfred State and have many other choices above it. 

Open house is a great opportunity to learn about the school.  There are many different activities that you can participate in throughout the day at your own leisure.  The day begins at 8:30 for registration, which you can also preregister if you know that you will be attending (benefit-you won't have to stand in the line and wait to register).  Campus and academic department tours run throughout the day from 10 until 2.  You can go online to see what programs you might be interested in and visit all that you may consider.  There are also a few informational sessions including an overview of the college, how to finance college, and what life is like on Alfred State campus.  You can have an admissions interview where you can talk one-on-one with an admissions counselor to gain more knowledge about the admissions process and what the college looks for in prospective students.  Information tables are available for you to stop at throughout the day to learn about different clubs and organizations that the college offers.  The best part about open houses-you receive a FREE complementary lunch in the Central Dining Hall (the Terrace).  I think that this is wonderful because you have the opportunity to try the food before you make a decision and in my mind food was a very important consideration about which college I chose.

Like I stated before, you will gain so much information when you attend an open house and I HIGHLY recommend that you do if you are considering Alfred State College.  The next one is being held on Saturday, November 5.  If you cannot make that date you can always call the admissions office to schedule a campus and academic department tour and to meet with an admissions counselor and these tours are available Monday through Friday throughout the semester.

Thanks for reading. Post again next week.

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