Zweygardt Gallery Talk

Sculptor Glenn Zweygardt spoke about his life and work during a gallery talk in the Llewellyn Gallery last week. The current exhibition, Zweygardt Over Time, explores the various stages of his work as they have developed over time. I was pleased to curate this exhibition to showcase some of Zweygardt’s smaller works. It was an added treat to be able to view the exhibition with students as they engaged in conversation with the artist.

Zweygardt in Gallery

Best known for his large outdoor sculptures, Zweygardt has recently been working at a more modest scale. One piece in the exhibition combines the well known images of the Venus of Willendorf with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While another piece works to arrest the movement of spanish moss and animate negative space. Zweygardt was just as pleased to speak about farm machinery as he is about art history and the influence each of these subjects has had on his work. It should not surprise you then to hear that we talked of such vast subjects as gender and family to bioterrorism and OJ Simpson.


Zweygardt talks to students

Zweygardt may be retired from his official position as a Professor of Sculpture, but he has not stopped teaching. He spent hours in the gallery talking to students, even looking at student work and giving advice on casting techniques. It was an afternoon full of the type of great conversation and creative energy that inspires artists of all ages.