Personal Geographies

Students in gallery

First year students in the Digital Media and Animation program recently displayed their work in the Llewellyn Gallery as part of an exhibition titled, Personal Geographies. The digital prints displayed in the exhibition were student's individual responses to an assignment. The assignment was to create a self portrait that also serves as a map of their identity. Prescribed methods for the creation of the works included the use of Photoshop, a digital scanner, and found objects.

The meaning of the images and how they connected to the individual artist were explored. The class used Saussure's concept of the sign, signifier, and signified to help make these connections.

These students were asked to consider themselves within the context of their environment. If we believe that the environment effects who we are and how we behave in the world, how will exhibiting in a contemporary art gallery effects these students? My hope is that this experience provided these students with a sense of empowerment that comes from the knowledge of what it is like to exhibit in a professional gallery.

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