Make Sure Employers Aren't Finding Digital Dirt on You!

YIKES!  If You are Guilty of ANY of These – You Need to Clean Up Your Digital Dirt! – Never use an unprofessional email with employers.  Simply create a new one using your name for all professional contacts.  Be sure to check it daily.

FacebookNot a good Facebook Image! If this looks like your Facebook page, better do something – quick.  Surveys show that over 45% of employers check out Facebook profiles of potential  new hires (including internships).

Google – Ever Google yourself?  In an article by, it is reported that 75% of recruiters use search engines to check out candidates. Know what is out there by signing up for Google alerts and/or

Twitter – Facebook can get you fired but Twitter can do it faster.  Watch what you tweet.  This is something you should NOT be sharing with the world   #iwish I had a girl to sleep with me tonight  twitter

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