Looking for an Internship?

Here are some great resources to help you get started

  • Students and alums make sure you contact the Career office at your school.  Students and alums of ASC should definitely check out JobLink first.  These internships/jobs are targeted for you - which means you're not competing with the rest of the world for these.  That can be a real advantage for you!


  • While you checking out the postings on JobLink you can also see the list of employers who will be attending the Career Fairs - another great connection to internships/jobs.
  • If you haven't created a   profile yet, now is the time to develop this professional online presence.  Use this powerful tool for networking and searching companies.
  • If you don't tweet you might want to consider starting - or at least follow some people who do.  Internship and job opportunities are constantly being tweeting on Twitter.  Follow ASCCareerOffice for career related tweets!
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