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SUNY Chancellor's Award Committee

Professor Damrath was nominated for the SUNY Chancellor's Award for excellent teaching recently. He currently teaches Estate Planning, Business Ethics, an Business Law for the Business department at Alfred State. A good friend of mine had the honor of writing a letter of recommendation to support his nomination. I'm no business student, but I personally sat in on one of his classes just for fun, and realized how great of an educator he is. He turns a dull subject like business ethics into a stimulating and thought-provoking area of interest.
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white wonderland

It's cutting close to the end of the semester, and after a final exam, quiz, and speech done and over with, I felt like going sledding. It's a beautiful day and the snow is perfect!

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Charlie Brown performance

The ASC Drama Club presented a show over the weekend, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". I'm not just saying this, but I think it was one of the best performances I've ever seen at Alfred State. It is a day made up of little tidbits from all the days of Charlie Brown from different seasons and events, and all based on the original comic strips. Drama club picked out the funniest scenes to use! Bravo Drama club!
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A healthy vending machine?

For such a small college, Alfred State has a wide variety of healthy menu options both in the dining hall or not. Now we have healthy vending machines! With everything you need to stay focused....especially now as finals are inching closer. 

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Fondue night!

Last night was an RA program... Fondue party!!! Who would have thought the building owned a fondue set? My roommate and I helped out by cutting up fresh pineapple and fruit for the chocolate fondue. It was a lot of fun, and perfect for taking the edge off after a long day of school work.
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Today is the first day of speeches. About 5 of us present each day for the next week or so. I think big presentations like this make this class so closely knitted together. It's kind of like we all became friends, supportive of each other's presentations (even if some of them today were....less than mediocre) This one kid even brought a huge bag of candy to share, no joke. That's one of the nice parts about having smaller classroom sizes. :)

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Beautiful fall day

It's gorgeous outside! I was not expecting this when I went to class this morning at 9:30. But by the time I got out, it was sunny with a nice autumn breeze. I took a walk with a friend down along the creek that flows between the University and the State colleges. How refreshing. Fall is by far the best time of year to be in Alfred. You can see trees changing colors for miles (being on this hill) I don't get to enjoy fall like this when I'm home.

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test tomorrow!

I started freaking out when I heard Science, Technology, and Society tests were hard. What's worse is we have a test tomorrow and I don't know anything!! I talked with several people who are taking the class, or have taken it already, and I'm getting pretty much the same feedback- it doesn't matter how bad you bomb the test. Appearently, as long as I pay attention, come to class, and contribute to discussions I'll pass with atleast a C+.

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The halloween party I was going to in Deleware got cancelled. And right after I bought my costume :(

If all else fails, the RAs in my dorm are hosting a halloween party too. Games, prizes, bobbing for apples, and all of that old stuff I used to do as a kid. I think I enjoy that type of thing more now that I'm an adult, haha (gotta appreciate the little things in life) And who wouldn't go for the free stuff??

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Interning for Llewellyn Gallery

I opened the gallery today and installed the newest video piece. Completely unexpected. I was just getting out of my morning class and about to get a breakfast sandwich at Friendly's, when I got a call from my professor, Tammy Brackett. I didn't even need to hear the whole story, I gathered that she was sick right away, and abandoned breakfast for attending the Llewellyn Gallery.

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