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Beautiful Day!!!

What a crazy fall it has been here in Alfred. The weather was so nice today (almost 60 degrees). Last weekend it snowed and now it is like this? I'm not complaining who doesn't like to be outside. It is supposed to be like this for the rest of the week to, which means no freezing tours for me! That also means that Open House will be nice, sunny, and warm so hopefully people will get a better impression of the college from this one than they did the cold, cloudy last one. If you have the chance and are available to attend I highly recommend it.

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Well I guess you can really tell that winter is coming by everyone starting to get sick. As for me i have been down for the count for the past few days. It is a good thing that health services are available on campus They are offered both on the Alfred campus and the Wellsville campus and they provide health education as well as treatment for student illness and accidents. A doctor, nurse practitioner, and registered nurses are available at posted hours on a non-appointment basis.

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Today was the career fair

Alfred State College provides opportunities for the students to succeed. Today at Alfred State their was a career fair put on by the career development center. The career development center is a free service available to all Alfred State students and alumni alike to receive help in the job hunt. They provide services that include help in writing resumes. cover letters, an doing mock interviews. The people who work in the office go into classes and give presentations about this material.

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Successful Open House

The first of two Open Houses was a huge success. It was a lot of fun. I was a tour guide, therefore I took groups of about twenty people around campus and explained many of the most important parts of campus to them. It seems to me that the people who attended learned a lot about not only the campus, but a lot about the school itself. I had a few people come up to me and told me that they loved the school and that they would be putting in their application soon.

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Open House

This weekend is a big weekend for Alfred State College. It is the first open house of the year also, this is my first open house that i have ever participated in. The nerves haven't started to kick in yet, but I'm sure they will be coming soon. At open houses the perspective students get to learn a lot about the school. Open houses start at 9:00 and lasts usually until around 2:00. At that time get to have an information session in the morning and campus and department tours start at 10:00. There are going to be a lot of many people at this open house.

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ASC activities number 2

Well i tried to post my blog earlier, but didn't save it (just great). So here we go again.

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High School mini-visits

This week has been so busy for me. So far I have had 2 tests. It is only Wednesday and I still have so much to do. I have a presentation tomorrow, also a test and two papers due on Friday. Got to love midterm timeSmile. It is well worth it though knowing that I am gaining a lot of knowledge for my future.

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Fall is in the air

Well today is the first day of fall, but really here in Alfred it has looked and felt like fall for about the last two weeks. It is such a beautiful time here, probably my favorite time of year here. It amazes me the scenery that we get to look at everyday with all of the trees turning color. It's something that everyone should experience some time in their life.

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Time is flying by...

Well this is the fourth week of classes, almost a quarter of the way through the semester already, wow are things really flying by. The good thing about that are things are finally starting to settle down. Teachers are really starting to know their students and students are really starting to get to know the teachers and their teaching styles. I would have to say that the first couple of weeks of classes are the hardest of the semester because you really know nothing about the teacher unless you have had them in a previous class.

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Introduction to myself

Hello readers, this is my first blog so let me introduce a little about myself. My name is Colleen Kernan. This is my third year at Alfred State College and my major is Human Services Management. Last year the Human Services Management program was developed here at Alfred.

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