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Human Service Awareness Day

Human service awareness day was a huge success. S.O.S had a table to recruit new members and we actually had a lot of interest! Hopefully next year we will have much more interest, so the group can keep running because it was the potential benefit many people on and off campus. For example, we have already held a canned food drive for local food pantries, to my suprise we actually raised a lot of food. We plan on having an end of the year meeting to address who we are going to run the club nexy year. If you have any interest at all come and give us your input.

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It seems like winter is never going to end. We actually had a snow day in the middle of March (what is that about mother nature?) All the snow was gone and it looked like spring had actually arrived, not the case because when I woke up the next morning 8 inches of snow was on the ground. I guess it is acceptable though because of the beautiful landscape that we have, especially with the snow covered trees. I cannot wait for all of the spring time events to come including hog wild day, hot dog day, and many outdoor recreation fun.

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S.O.S update

I don't understand why this is not working...but we will try again.

Wow final exam schedule is out. This semester is flying by. I cannot believe that spring break is in two weeks.

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50 Degrees in Feburary!

This week have been a good week, and the weather just makes it so much better. What a nice day it has been today. It was almost 50 degrees! Too bad that it won't stay that way for long. Oh well, at least we could enough it while it lasted.

I know that it is difficult to pay for your college education and there are a few ways around that. This week in our Student Announce there was a message about two scholarships that were being offered. We have these opportunities from time to time and everyone should take advantage, it will really help you out in the long run.

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The Human Services major, both associate and bachelor's are in the process of starting up a club. We have already elected officers; however, we are looking for interested people who would like to join. The club meets the last Monday of every month at Braddon Hall lounge at 5:30. Everyone is invited, it does not matter what major you are in. We are looking for people who are interested in volunteering. We are trying to plan many volunteer opportunities. On Monday we are starting are starting a food drive to collect food for the ACCORD food bank along with other.

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White Snow

Well that huge snow storm that was predicted never hit, typical, and of course all the surrounding schools shut down the night before, but not Alfred State College. oh well it was pointless to shut down anyway. Classes have been running pretty smoothly, thank goodness, and the semester is flying by. It is hard to believe that we are already at the end our fourth week of classes. I think that there is more snow here than there has been in the past three years that I have been here, I am not complaining though because this is a beautiful place to be in the winter.

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Two Weeks

This is the second week back to school since winter break. Classes are finally starting to settle in and are starting to become a little more schedulized. Coming into this semester I was worried that I was going to have a difficult time keeping my grades up because I only have one of my normal professors and the rest are business teachers and most of all I am taking my first online class. I was worried that the business classes would have way too much for me to keep up with and that the classes would be very boring.

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End of the Semester

First off I would like to thank everyone for reading this semester. This will be my last blog for the semester. It was a lot of fun. I hope that you come back and read next semester.

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So fustrating

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!

So as the end of the semester is fast approaching the last two weeks before finals are so hectic. It is important to space your work out so  you are not cramming it all in the night before it is due. I have done a very good job at that this semester.

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End of semester is fast approaching

Finals week is fast approaching. It is important to not get behind in your work because at this time of the semester it seems to be constantly piling up. It is very easy to get really overwhelmed during this time, but the school offers some opportunities to the students in order for them to perform during finals week to the best of their abilities. First off, today they are offering a free presentation for students to attend about finals week. The presentation is being held in the Allied Health building at 5:00, presented by Cindy Thorp.

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