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The Alfred "Experience" Continued

The new semester started off with new classes and tons more friends. I also began singing at the U. (Alfred University across the street from Alfred State). I joined the choir and the chamber singers, this was an awesome decision on my part because I began to make friends from the University and a few from the state that also were in the choir, that enjoyed the same extracurricular activities I do.

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The Alfred "Experience"

I can’t believe this is my last year of college! It’s been one heck of a ride; some things I will never forget. I figured I would give everyone an idea of what it’s like to go thru 4 years of college. Hopefully it will help whoever is reading this too really “get right in there” and make their experience the best they possibly can; I know I am pretty close to it. I guess the best place to start is from the beginning, enjoy.

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Introducing ME!

            Hey! My name is Dennis Billings. I've been a student at Alfred State since the Fall of 2007. Time has flown by; I can’t believe it’s been that long… It has been great! I began in the Engineering Science curriculum for my first year, and then I decided that just wasn’t for me. So after talking to my advisor and the Admissions office I became a Marketing student. I loved it!!! As of last semester I finally received my AAS in Marketing! I’ve since decided to enter the Bachelors program in Business Administration.

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