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Zweygardt Gallery Talk

Sculptor Glenn Zweygardt spoke about his life and work during a gallery talk in the Llewellyn Gallery last week. The current exhibition, Zweygardt Over Time, explores the various stages of his work as they have developed over time. I was pleased to curate this exhibition to showcase some of Zweygardt’s smaller works. It was an added treat to be able to view the exhibition with students as they engaged in conversation with the artist.

Zweygardt in Gallery

Nano Art in the Llewellyn Gallery

One Billionth of a Meter - Artistic Reflections on the World of Nanotechnology is currently on display in the Llewellyn Gallery through November 5th.

in Fluent all : Work by DMA Faculty

The Digital Media and Animation faculty presented their work in an exhibition titled in Fluent all, in the newly renovated Llewellyn Gallery this spring. Fluent in a variety of mediums, the faculty presented works ranging from traditional watercolors to digital animation and sound. in Fluent all demonstrated the versatility and uniqueness of the DMA program, which supplies a rich foundation in traditional mediums.

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