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Spring semester so far

So far, this semester has been a blast. The newest addition to the list of awesome things I've been a part of at Alfred State is the leadership retreat. Not only was it a great opportunity to meet a lot  students who I haven't already met in my previous three years,  it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with coach Herman Boone! From hearing Coach Boone speak, it was clear that he is every bit as strong, determined and inspirational as his portray in Remember the Titans.

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Planning for Next Semester

These last few weeks of the semester always seem to drag on. Most of my time nowadays is spent studying for tests or working on end of semester projects. That's why is it's such a relief to have already registered for next semester's courses. Instead of a senior project, I choice to partake in an internship alongside 3 of my classmates. My last semester will be by far my most flexible. Even though the internship will count as 6 credit hours, a lot of the work we need to do will be done on campus. Other than that I have only three other courses to complete for the entire semester.

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Halloween week

Last night's hay ride was the first of many awesome events going on at Alfred State this week for Halloween. It was so much fun! The first ride left from the parking lot behind the admissions building at 6:30. We rode up to the college farm in a hay wagon. The farm isn't too far from campus, but since tractors aren't built for speed it was dark by the time we got there. When we got to the farm we rode up a long winding road to the haunted trail in the woods. The trail was was more funny than scary.

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So, I just went and saw Rich Vos perform tonight right here at Alfred State and he was hilarious. I liked how he just rambled about his own random life experiences. It was funny because it was true. It's so much fun to go to see comedians perform at Alfred State. It's such a good way to take a break from classes and the best part is that students get in for free. What a fun night!

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Homecoming weekend is always a fun time in Alfred.  Looking forward to seeing some spectacular acts at Alfred's Got Talent tomorrow night for sure. Then on Saturday the fun starts at 11am with the Gold Rush Gathering. This is probably my favorite event on campus because of all the carnival style games, the barbecue, and of course a nice hand full of cotton candy! Then there's the soccer, baseball, and football games to go to. Go Pioneers!

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Productive Day

Today was a very productive day. I had a presentation to do at about 8:30 am. This was during my only class of the day which is a lab for my Energy Systems class. This is one of the classes I really enjoy because the information presented is so practical. The first day of class was spent discussing issues such as climate change, oil consumption, and alternative energy systems. We even learned more about the projected time when all the oil reserves in the world will be used up, which is much quicker than I thought.

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Good to be Back

It’s definitely good to be back in Alfred. The internship over the summer was productive, but I prefer a classroom over a factory floor on a sweltering summer day. For now, I think I'll hit the books and hang out with the friends for one last year. I’ve already had some new experiences for this year. Last week my friends and I took a ride in the cash cab, or the Cash Van as it’s known on campus. It was so much fun! We alll answered trivia questions about campus life and the four of us even ended up winning a few bucks to add to our campus spending accounts.

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Studying for Success

 What I’ve come to realize since coming to college as a freshman, and even more so now that I’m a junior, is that in college a lot more time is spent teaching yourself outside the classroom than being taught in it. Through my almost three years of experience at Alfred State, I have found that the following methods of study have proven the most successful:

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My Day On

Preparing cots at the American Red Cross Chapter Office in Wellsvile


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