Kris Majka, class of '13

Kris Majka believes everyone should ‘follow their passion’. He followed his love of art and now his dream career in digital media is within reach and his vision for the future is in view.

This spring, Kris will graduate from Alfred State with a bachelor’s degree in digital media and animation. After that, he expects to go to graduate school for video editing before making his boldest move yet:  a trek across country to Los Angeles where he plans to start his career in digital media.

“When you follow your passion, it takes you places,” said Kris.

As a high school student in the small Utica, NY, suburb of Sauquoit, Kris’ classmates voted him “most artistic”, so after graduation he enrolled at a nearby community college to study animation design. He graduated from there with an associate’s degree and a hunch that he was just “scratching the surface” of what he needed to do next, so he started looking at colleges that offered bachelor’s degrees in digital animation.

“I didn’t have a clue where to go or what college would be right for me, but then everything just seemed to fall into place,” he recalled. Kris scheduled a tour of Alfred State, three hours away, and made the drive to campus the night before.

Kris Majka“I remember driving along in the dark and feeling like I hadn’t seen anything in quite a while when all of a sudden a little main street with its street lights all lit up seemed to pop up out of no where,” said Kris. “The sight was instantly familiar to me yet exciting and new at the same time. I knew I found what I was looking for.” The campus tour the next day confirmed Kris’ reaction. “I immediately felt a sense of belonging at Alfred State and have felt that way every day since,” he added.

Coming from a small town, Kris wondered if there would be enough to do to keep him busy and engaged but he soon found out that the campus has over 90 thriving student organizations. This year, he chose to focus on drama and played one of the lead roles in the college’s production of “The Wiz”. He also participated in drama productions off campus.

“There is a great exchange between Alfred State and other nearby colleges so the number of events and activities you can be involved with is huge,” said Kris. Overall, he believes there is a level of activity at Alfred State that other colleges just don’t have. “I’ve been happy here,” said Kris. “I followed my passion, and I haven’t been disappointed.”