Jontae Cabassa, class of '12

Jontae CabassaAs Jontae Cabassa was finishing up her AAS degree in veterinary technology, she thought about her aspirations and re-enrolled for a BBA degree in technology management.

Says Jontae, “The Alfred State program puts you further ahead. Year one I was already touching animals. By the time I finished my vet tech degree, I had more hands-on experience than I would at other colleges. Alfred State really prepares you.”

“Down the road, I see myself opening my own clinic, possibly with a day care component for dogs. I want to be in a position to make my own business decisions and direct my life.”

She believes the job market is very good. “Over break I had four job offers. When the clinics interview me they’re amazed that I know the procedures and the machines. They realize I’m work-ready and won’t require additional training.”

Her advice to new students is, “Get involved in something on campus. You’ll grow, make more friends, and develop. Employers like to see that on your resume so prepare for that now. Oh, and be positive. You’ll get more out of your education and your life.”

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