Douglas McNamara, class of '13

Doug McNamaraDoug McNamara wants to do a lot of things now that he has graduated with his Alfred State associate degree in electrical construction and maintenance electrician and a BBA in technology management, and he surely will.

For starters, Doug wants a career that is grounded in his area of expertise as a maintenance electrician. After all, he graduated from the top-rated program in the field with a 4.0 average! And, like so many of the other associate-level degrees offered at Alfred State, his degree is in an ‘in-demand’ field. In fact, his field is one of the top 10 industries experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals this year, according to a recent ManPower Group survey, so plentiful employment opportunities are ahead.

“I selected my field very, very carefully,” said Doug. His goal was to build a career foundation that could last a lifetime, so he took a full year to decide. During that time, he volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and, along the way, realized that being an industrial electrician would be a good fit for him. “I really did my homework which is how I found out that Alfred State is the best school for my field,” he said, adding that “Alfred State also has other important things too like affordability, a sense of community, and great teachers.”

By first earning an associate-level degree, Doug was immediately qualified for direct acceptance into the BBA program, which is a pathway to upper-level and managerial opportunities in a number of fields. The program was designed for students who have already earned a technical or associate-level degree and it is a fast-track to a bachelor’s degree. The BBA is offered on a flexible schedule and can even be taken completely online for working professionals. One of the major features of the program is its internship requirement which, for many students, turns out to be a springboard to employment or acceptance into a master’s degree or MBA program.

With the BBA under his belt this spring, Doug will be able to offer employers something that is sure to set him apart from the competition: maintenance electrician expertise combined with all the upper-level management, administrative, and technology skills needed to effectively run a small-to-medium size business, manage a department, or succeed in an entrepreneurial pursuit. Actually, Doug wants to do all three of those things, from managing a maintenance department for a large international company to owning his own real estate units, and even possibly returning to Alfred State to teach.

For the last two years, he has interned as a maintenance electrician at Moog Inc., a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems. This summer he hopes to work in project management as an intern at another international company, Siemens, Inc., a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering in the energy and healthcare sectors.

“The BBA program seamlessly positioned my technical background into a foundation for higher learning and it has given me a network that has already helped get my foot in the door with an international company,” he said. “I can’t help being excited by all the doors that have opened. This program has been a very, very good choice for me.”

Throughout his Alfred State career, Doug has earned many academic distinctions including winning first and second place honors in a SkillsUSA competition for residential wiring. He also placed seventh in wiring in a national competition in Kansas City, MO, and was selected to be among a group of Alfred State students who installed solar panels on the rooftop of the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. In 2011, he earned the College’s Paul B. Orvis award and graduated with a BBA in technology management in 2013.

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