June 2019

Gorman receives Leadership through Civic Engagement Award

Posted Date: Monday, June 3, 2019 - 10:45

Alfred State College recently honored Susan Gorman, a lecturer in the Business Department, with the Leadership through Civic Engagement Award.

Susan GormanThe award is presented annually by the College Council to acknowledge students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have led or initiated exemplary academic and/or co-curricular initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to engaging in the community – locally, nationally, or globally – through service, volunteerism, activism, politics, and much more.

A few years back, Gorman created an applied learning experience for her strategic marketing students, allowing them to apply their education to local businesses. Students create a real marketing plan for these companies to assist with increasing their business efforts in their local region. This effort is the epitome of how applied learning and civic engagement can be interconnected to provide both an educational opportunity for students and a service to the local community.

Gorman also expanded the project beyond the marketing plan to incorporate curricula outside the department. In collaboration with the Computer and Information Technology Department, these local businesses are not only afforded a marketing plan, but are thereafter provided with web design expertise.

Promotions for faculty and staff announced

Posted Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 12:30

Alfred State College recently announced promotions for faculty and staff.

Those promoted for the college and the Office of the President include Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald, chief of staff; Joseph Greenthal, chief financial officer; and Betsy Penrose, vice president of Enrollment Management.

Included among those receiving promotions in Administration and Advancement, with their new titles, are Duane Brubaker, instructional support associate, College Farm; Molly Adams, janitor, Facilities Services; Samantha Brockway, office assistant 2 (keyboarding), Facilities Services; Christian Brunetto, trades specialist (locksmith), Facilities Services; Douglas Butters, maintenance assistant, Facilities Services; Carol Gemmell, janitor, Facilities Services; Raymond Mullen, maintenance assistant, Facilities Services; Mark Scharles, maintenance assistant, Facilities Services; Kevin Sharrett, facilities operations assistant 1, Facilities Services; Kelly Harrison, program aide, Human Resources; and Katherine Price, secretary 1, Human Resources.

Those promoted in the Division of Academic Affairs, with their new titles, are Danel Bowen, assistant professor, Electrical Trades; Jason Kellogg, assistant professor, Automotive Trades; Michael Smith, network services manager, Technology Services; Jeffrey Stevens, dean, School of Applied Technology; W. Scott Tilley, senior staff assistant, Technology Services; and Christopher Vavrek, instructional support technician, Digital Media and Animation.

Promotions in Enrollment Management, with their new titles, include Kandi Geibel, director of Admissions and Enrollment, Admissions; Kathryn Markel, director of Admissions and Enrollment, Admissions; Rebecca Comer, information technology specialist 1, Print and Mail Services; Laura Kernan, associate registrar, Student Records and Financial Services; and Ryan Maloney, program aide, Student Records and Financial Services.

Receiving promotions in Student Affairs, with their new titles, are Regina Boyd, assistant director of Athletics, Athletics; Jennifer Enke, associate director of Athletics, Athletics; and Paul Welker, assistant director of Athletics, Athletics.

seated from left to right, are Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald and Betsy Penrose. Standing is Joseph Greenthal
Pictured, seated from left to right, are Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald and Betsy Penrose. Standing is Joseph Greenthal.


several people standing and sitting
Pictured in the front row, from l-r, are Kevin Sharrett, Katherine Price, Molly Adams, and Carol Gemmell. In the second row, from l-r, are Kelly Harrison, Douglas Butters, Duane Brubaker, and Christian Brunetto.


three people, two sitting and one standing
Pictured, seated from l-r, are Jason Kellogg and Jeffrey Stevens. Standing is Danel Bowen.


four people sitting
Pictured from l-r are Kathryn Markel, Rebecca Comer, Laura Kernan, and Ryan Maloney.


Three people sitting
Pictured from l-r are Paul Welker, Regina Boyd, and Jennifer Enke.


Hunt Seat Team completes strong spring season

Posted Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 14:30

Following a successful fall campaign, the Alfred State Hunt Seat Team wrapped up an equally impressive spring season and is already looking forward to the future.

According to Team Adviser Mallory Morehouse, the team had the opportunity to show off more talent than ever before during 2018-19.

girl sitting on a horse
Team member Molly Kase, an architecture major from Rochester

“Tripling the team roster from the previous year, we were able to bring more riders to shows and introduce new riders to the sport for future competitions,” Morehouse said.

After earning nine ribbons in the fall, the team continued its success during the spring season. At the first show of the second semester, which was held at Alfred University, Sarrah Matla, architecture, Le Roy, received a third place in novice fences, while Teaghan Mix, undeclared, Moravia, also earned a third in beginner WTC (walk-trot-canter). Anne Downs, veterinary technology, Katonah, and Danielle Verplank, business administration, both pulled fourth places in their respective divisions.

The team’s best performance of the season was during the second spring show, which was also held at Alfred University. Matla (novice fences) and Raean Paryz, technology management, Derby (advanced WTC), both received fourth places. Verplank (intermediate fences) and Molly Kase, architecture, Rochester (novice flat), both earned third places.

Additionally, Verplank (intermediate flat), Downs (novice flat), and Mix (beginner WTC) all took second places. Downs (novice fences) received first place. Due to her great performance in both of her rides, Downs earned reserve hi-point rider of the show, which is the first the team has had in over four years.

“It was a great show to end the regular season,” Morehouse said.

After pointing out of their divisions, both Verplank (novice flat) and Paryz (advanced WTC) moved on to Regionals in Cornell. With both riding in the biggest classes of the day, neither rider received the results they had hoped for, Morehouse said. However, she noted the competition was a great experience and that the team looks forward to having riders make another appearance at Regionals in the upcoming season.

“Zone 2, Region 1 has a total of 14 schools. As one of the smallest schools to compete in our region, the team did very well and is looking forward to doing even better next year,” Morehouse said. “This group of riders has led to growth in the team along with the equestrian club and has had such a great time doing so. We cannot wait to see what next season has in store for the Alfred State Hunt Seat Team.”

Retirees announced at recognition luncheon

Posted Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 15:00
Linda Panter, left, and Valerie Nixon
Linda Panter, left, and Valerie Nixon

Retirees of Alfred State were honored recently at the college’s annual recognition luncheon.

Faculty and staff members who retired this year included Patricia Bliven, William Chambers, Jacqueline Davison, Dawn Linke, Diane McCaig, Willard Mlott, Valerie Nixon, Terry Palmiter, Linda Panter, Barbara Pierce, Thomas Stolberg, and Tammy Wellington.

Additionally, several faculty and staff members who have retired within the past year were granted emeritus status, including Mark Amman, professor in Physical and Life Sciences; Dr. Melvin Chambliss, associate professor in Agriculture and Veterinary Technology; Gerald Fong, professor in Physical and Life Sciences; Richard Mitchell, professor in English and Humanities; Valerie Nixon, executive vice president; Linda Panter, professor in Nursing; Rex Simpson, professor in Architecture and Design; and Lisa Yates, professor in Nursing.

Alfred State honors 45-year employee

Posted Date: Monday, June 10, 2019 - 15:00

Dr. Aniko ConstantineState University of New York Distinguished Teaching Professor Dr. Aniko Constantine, English and Humanities Department, was recently honored for 45 years of service to Alfred State.

She received a wristwatch and a certificate to commemorate the occasion.

Alfred State College honors 30-year employees

Posted Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 10:15
David Law and Deborah Claire
David Law and Deborah Claire

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were recently honored for their 30 years of services at the college.

Those honored included Deborah Claire, senior programmer/analyst, Technology Services; David Law, associate professor, Computer and Information Technology; and Stephen Perkins, plant utilities assistant, Facilities Services.

To commemorate the occasion, honorees each received a certificate, as well as a recognition gift of their choice.

Registration for Summer Sports Festival and Swim Lessons Open

Posted Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 10:45

The Summer Sports Festival begins on July 1 and runs to July 25.  Camp runs from 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at the Orvis Activities Center, Monday - Thursday. Camp includes a totally supervised program of daily instruction in a variety of sports, arts, arts and crafts, and recreation, in addition to a daily free swim period each afternoon.

Campers can register for the whole camp or two weeks of the camp (Plan A runs from July 1 - July 11 and Plan B runs from July 15 - July 25). To attend all four weeks of camp the cost is $180 while two weeks is $120.

The Learn-To-Swim program features lessons for children ages 2 and up. Classes are offered in a variety of levels throughout the morning. Prices range from $50 to $110 depending on the type of lesson and the number of weeks of lessons.

Registrations must be made on-line at: http://www.alfredstateathletics.com/camps/index 

For more information on any of the Summer Sports Festival contact:

Gina Boyd (Summer Sports Festival): 607-587-4363

RC Weston (Learn to Swim): 607-587-4381

Alfred State to compete in Great Race

Posted Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 11:30

For the fifth year in a row, Alfred State College (ASC) will participate in the thrilling classic car competition known as “The Great Race.”

The annual event will take place from June 22-30, beginning in Riverside, CA, and continuing about 2,300 miles north until the final finish line in Tacoma, WA. The time-speed-endurance rally includes vintage cars from 1974 and older, with around 130 classic cars competing this year. The grand champion of the 2019 event will win $50,000, with the total purse being $150,000.

As it has in the past, Alfred State will be participating in the X-Cup Division, which is designed for high school and college teams. This year, the Pioneers will be competing in a black 1956 Mercury Medalist two-door sedan.

five students standing in front of a car
Pictured are team members Jordan Dunning (front row, right), and
(standing, from left to right) Jacob Derk, Caryl Koch, and Hunter Mayne.
Also pictured is Mike Sosnowski (front row, left), who assisted the group
by making necessary electrical repairs to ready the team’s Mercury
Medalist for the race. Not pictured is team member Jacob Minkel.

“The car is a perfect example of a mid-50s hot rod in the James Dean/Marlon Brando style. It has a V-8 engine and a three-speed standard transmission,” said Automotive Trades Professor Mike Ronan. “The Mercury is on loan for the race from James Claire, of Hornell, a gentleman who has been key to our involvement in the classic car world as an avenue for students to learn more about this interesting hobby.”

The ASC team includes returning team members Jacob Derk, a technology management major and heavy equipment, truck and diesel technician grad from Cattaraugus, and Jordan Dunning, a 2019 heavy equipment, truck and diesel technician graduate from Cicero, as well as three new members. They are Jacob Minkel, a 2019 mechanical engineering technology graduate from Attica; Caryl Koch, a 2019 motorsports technology graduate from Cuba; and Hunter Mayne, a 2019 motorsports technology graduate from Attica. Serving as faculty adviser on the trip will be Greg Traugh, an instructor in the heavy equipment, truck and diesel technician program.

Ronan noted that there are many reasons why the college continues to participate in the annual event each year, including the national exposure and experiential learning opportunities for students.

“A special factor involves the support that classic car organizations have extended directly to students in the form of scholarships and grants,” he said. “Our involvement with The Great Race over the years has resulted in over $25,000 in direct support for students.”

The location of this year’s event, Ronan said, means that five Alfred State students will have the unique opportunity to travel across the country and cover the entire West Coast from bottom to top.

“The participants in the race are a wonderful group of people and take particular satisfaction in interacting with the next generation of classic car lovers,” Ronan said. “This experience will certainly change their lives forever.”

Also worth noting is that the Alfred State team has become known as the “go to” group for Great Racers when a problem with their vehicle arises, Ronan said.

“The team carries a full complement of tools, equipment, and supplies, and stands ready each evening to help out those in need,” he said. “The team often splits up to work on more than one vehicle every night, and can often be found working in the parking lot until 2 or 3 in the morning. The sense of accomplishment derived from these on-the-spot challenges has proven to be a powerful confidence builder as these students prepare to go into the world of work.”

For more information on The Great Race, visit www.greatrace.com.

several people standing behind a car
Faculty and staff check out the car before the team travels across the country.


Alfred State, UB aim to help close clean energy workforce gaps

Posted Date: Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 15:00

UB and ASC workforce reportAlfred State College and the University at Buffalo are teaming up on an effort that seeks to close critical workforce gaps of the clean energy sector in five western New York counties.

UB announced that the effort led to the creation of a comprehensive 54-page report that details the opportunities, challenges, and key considerations surrounding five subsectors of clean energy.

Additionally, the release states, the effort is made possible because of a two-year, $760,000 Performance Investment Fund grant from the State University of New York via New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Climate Jobs NY initiative.

Check out the full press release here.

Alfred State College honors 25-year employees

Posted Date: Friday, June 14, 2019 - 15:00
three women standing and three women sitting
Pictured in the front row, from l-r, are Cheryl Downey,
Robin Harrington, and Mary Hoffman. In the second row, from
l-r, are Janet Lambert, Mary Monroe, and Francine Staba.

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were recently honored for their 25 years of services at the college.

Those honored included Robin Harrington, senior financial aid counselor, Student Records and Financial Services; Marie Hegarty, janitor, Facilities Services; Mary Hoffman, secretary 2, School of Arts and Sciences; Cindy Hogan, cleaner, Facilities Services; Janet Lambert, office assistant 1, Technology Services; Jim Masterson, trades specialist, Facilities Services; Mary Monroe, accountant aide, Business Affairs; Barbara Pierce, office assistant 2, Student Engagement; Cheryl Downey, janitor, Facilities Services; Francine Staba, associate professor, Business; and Robert Wise, maintenance assistant, Facilities Services.

Honorees received a college chair or rocking chair and a certificate to commemorate the occasion.