November 2018

Record number of employers at ASC career fairs

Posted Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 11:45

Each semester, the number of employers attending Alfred State College’s career fairs continues to grow. This semester was no exception, as more employers than ever before recently came to both campuses to recruit ASC students.

According to Elaine Morsman, director of Alfred State’s Career Development Center, the fall 2018 Alfred and Wellsville career fairs attracted 110 employers and 84 employers, respectively. Both of these figures are record-highs for the college.

The totals have increased significantly since the fall 2017 semester alone, when 86 employers attended the Alfred career fair and 68 came to the recruiting event in Wellsville. In the spring of 2018, the numbers increased to 96 at Alfred and 80 in Wellsville.

Morsman said the increase can be attributed to a number of factors, including the quality of Alfred State students, the difficulty employers are having with filling openings, the increased need to fill positions in a variety of industries because of retirement and growing demand, and word-of-mouth about the quality of career fairs.

“Employers consistently tell us that they love Alfred State career fairs,” Morsman said. “In fact, they note that ours are their favorites to attend.”

Also worth noting is the 196 percent increase in the combined unique employer numbers in Alfred State fall career fairs within the past five years. This statistic signifies the total number of employers who attended career fairs on both campuses.

According to Morsman, the combined total unique employers for both campuses climbed from 56 in the fall of 2013 to 166 this fall.

“This includes a 180 percent increase from 2013 to 2018 for the Wellsville campus fall career fairs, and a 214 percent increase for the Alfred campus fall career fairs,” Morsman explained.

In addition to networking with students, one of the best parts about having employers come to campus, Morsman said, is seeing graduates who had received résumé assistance at her office while they were students now on the other side of the table as recruiters.

“There were many very recent grads who had connected with their current employer through an Alfred State career fair,” she said.

Not only are employers flocking to ASC’s career fairs, but students are as well. Morsman noted that a total of 607 students signed in to the fall 2018 career fair in Wellsville, and 518 students signed in to the Alfred event. These numbers are also way up from the fall of 2013, when 500 students attended the Wellsville career fair, and 349 students attended the one in Alfred.

“It is worth noting the significant growth of the career fairs,” Morsman said. “This would not be possible without the exceptional working relationship that we have with our faculty. We commend our faculty for working together with us to share contact information and work as part of the same team. The faculty are also instrumental in our increase in student interest and attendance at the fairs.”

students and employers in the gym
The fall 2018 career fairs drew more employers to both campuses to recruit students than any previous career fairs.

ASC Archery Team competes in 3-D National Championships

Posted Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 12:00

Nine members of the Alfred State Archery Team competed recently in the USA Archery Collegiate 3-D National Championships in Foley, AL.

The students were among several hundred archers from across multiple disciplines who competed for top honors in the “3-D” season – a strategic form of archery using foam targets with irregular scoring rings at varying distances, terrain, and lighting conditions. The Pioneers men’s hunter class had the strongest finishes with Jacob Pollock, mechanical engineering technology, Franklinville; Jacob Patanella, mechanical engineering technology, Churchville; and Nathan Summerville, mechanical engineering technology, Fulton, finishing 12th, 13th, and 16th respectively out of a field of nearly 80.

Team member Jacob Houseknecht, culinary arts, Candor, draws his bow during the USA Archery Collegiate 3-D National Championships in Foley, AL.
Team member Jacob Houseknecht, culinary arts, Candor, draws his bow during the USA
Archery Collegiate 3-D National Championships in Foley, AL.

In the men’s compound division, archers Jacob Houseknecht, culinary arts, Candor; and Josh Harp, surveying and geomatics engineering technology, Farmington, had strong showings finishing 28th and 29th in arguably the event’s toughest division. The Pioneers men’s hunter team of Pollock, Patanella, and Summerville made the cut and qualified Alfred State for team elimination rounds on Sunday, but lost a close two-point match to Southeastern Illinois College, who ultimately went on to win gold in the hunter division.

A highlight for the Pioneers was the banquet shoot-off when the mixed team of Alfred State’s Jacob Pollock and Jacob Houseknecht, along with drafted female recurve archer Lauren Pearson from Emmanuel College, teamed up to beat the entire field of college teams to win the special banquet event.

Dr. Gregory Sammons, vice president for Student Affairs and coach of the Alfred State Archery Team, said of the championships, “This event is a high-pressure environment against some of the top varsity archery programs in the nation. I am particularly proud of our team members’ poise, their mental toughness, and their immediate resolve to get stronger on a return next year.”

The Alfred State Archery Team will now shift to its indoor season, an event shot from 18 meters at a standardized “bullseye” style ring. Their next national appearance will be at the USA Archery Indoor Nationals in Pennsylvania in February 2019.

Architecture students re-envision village of Andover

Posted Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 15:30

Fourteen Alfred State College architecture students recently met with Andover village trustees to present their plan for improving the 200-plus-year-old municipality.

The proposal includes suggestions for a recreation center, arts center, village square, current façade improvements, student/executive housing upgrades, sustainable parking with solar energy, and more.

Check out the full story by The Spectator here.

Andover mayor speaks with students
Andover Mayor David Truax speaks with Alfred State College students who recently proposed improvements to the village.


Classico Italiana dinner set for Nov. 13

Posted Date: Friday, November 2, 2018 - 10:00

Alfred State College will host a Classico Italiana dinner from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 at The Rig located inside the Culinary Arts Building on the Wellsville campus.

The cost of the meal is $17 for adults and $8 for children 10 and under. No reservations will be accepted.

The menu will include:

  • Chicken parmesan
  • Italian crusted London broil
  • Crab stuffed cod
  • Eggplant ragout
  • Risotto cakes
  • Italian stuffed meatballs
  • Stuffed shells
  • A pasta station
  • Spinach tortellini soup
  • Italian wedding soup
  • Desserts and more

For more information, contact Mary Ellen Wood at 607-587-3170.

Students help preserve historic mining town in California

Posted Date: Monday, November 5, 2018 - 14:00

Much like the pioneers of long ago, several Alfred State College students recently headed west toward a mining town in California.

Unlike those explorers from the mid-1800s, however, the Alfred State Pioneers’ ultimate aim was not to collect gold, but rather to preserve the history of the buildings on site at the Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park.

Participating in the trip were four building trades: building construction students: Kyle Coffey, of Caledonia; Justin Higgins, of Buffalo; Sasha Johnson, of Webster; and Gavin Hamilton, of New City, along with Brady Adams, instructor in the Building Trades Department.

students standing in front of Carter Residence at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
Pictured at the Carter Residence at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park are, from l-r,
students Kyle Coffey, Sasha Johnson, Justin Higgins, and Gavin Hamilton.

For one week, the group lived in tents, ate at the job site, and performed historic preservation work that was part of a larger HistoriCorps restoration project taking place at the park. While on site, HistoriCorps Project Supervisor Craig Asher directed operations as students worked to help preserve the history of the mining town, which once boasted some 200 buildings. Today, the site is a ghost town but is used for historic interpretation, offering regular tours and hosting festival events.

Specifically, the students worked on two buildings on site – the North Bloomfield School and the Carter Residence – as they helped level uneven floors; repaired and replaced damaged siding, window trim, and foundation skirting; rehabilitated windows; repaired porch supports and various wood elements; and painted wood surfaces.

Jack Jones, chair of the Building Trades Department, noted that this is the third HistoriCorps project that Alfred State Building Trades students have participated in, and the second of this semester.

“These projects have been part of a larger push to get our students involved in immersive educational opportunities,” Jones said. “Our hope is to give them the chance to apply the skills they have been learning in class to something bigger than course work and our Wellsville projects.”

Asher said it was an absolute pleasure working with the Alfred State crew again.

“They were a pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job,” he said. “Brady was outstanding as well. I really can’t say enough about them, and my crew leader felt the same.”

Liz Rice, HistoriCorps workforce manager, said, “Thanks to the incredible hard work and enthusiasm of the Alfred State Building Trades students, California's Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park can continue to serve the public as an educational and interpretive site. Through practicing technical historic preservation trade skills on this weeklong project, we hope the students gained as much from their experience as we did!”

The students and Adams began preparing for their journey last spring when the opportunity first came to light. The group worked hard to raise funds for the trip through project sales and a crowdfunding campaign, and also received a funding grant through the Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc.

Adams said being able to help preserve a piece of history and put Alfred State’s name on this West Coast project was an awesome experience.

“We realized how impactful preserving these historical buildings were when local tourists would repeatedly come up and ask us about the work that we were doing,” he said. “They all thanked us for traveling across the country to preserve such an important part of their history, and we could tell how truly grateful they were. At that point, we realized how important historic preservation is. I would like to thank HistoriCorps, the Educational Foundation, and everyone who donated to make this trip possible. It was an honor for the Alfred State students and me to be a part of this project.”

ASC top 10 in US for schools with selected STEM majors

Posted Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 14:00

For students looking to enter into court reporting or any number of in-demand STEM-related fields such as information technology, surveying, or architectural technology, Alfred State College is rated an excellent choice by several online ranking resources.

According to US News and World Report’s 2019 Best Colleges list, ASC is the only ranked school offering court reporting, making Alfred State tops on the list. In all, Alfred State placed on national top 10 lists 10 times among schools offering selected majors found within the School of Architecture, Management and Engineering Technology (SAMET).

Dr. John Williams, dean of the School of Architecture, Management and Engineering Technology, said, “Our dedicated faculty work hard to support our students and programs. We are honored as these rankings reflect the rigor and quality of the professional programs in SAMET. It’s hard to beat an Alfred State degree.”

When students and parents search for certain majors, US News, Money Magazine, and other objective sources show ASC ranked very highly among colleges offering similar programs:

US College Rank Alfred State Program Sources Major Description
No. 1 Court and Realtime Reporting US News & World Report Court Reporting
No. 3 IT: Applications Software Development Money Magazine Computer Programming, Specific Applications
No. 4 Architectural Technology Money Magazine Architectural Technology
No. 4 IT: Network Administration Money Magazine System, Networking and LAN/WAN Management
No. 4 IT: Web Development Money Magazine Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster
No. 4 Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology Money Magazine Surveying Technology
No. 5 Computer Engineering Technology Money Magazine Computer Engineering Technology
No. 10 Digital Media and Animation Animation, Interactive Technology
No. 10 Digital Media and Animation Money Magazine Animation, Interactive Technology
No. 10 IT: Network Administration System, Networking and LAN/WAN Management
No. 11 Mechanical Engineering Technology Money Magazine Mechanical Engineering Technology
No. 12 Cyber Security Money Magazine Computer and Information Systems Security
No. 12 IT: Web Development Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster
No. 12 IT: Network Administration US News & World Report System, Networking and LAN/WAN Management
Top 13 Accounting US News & World Report Accounting Technology
Top 13 IT: Applications Software Development US News & World Report Computer Programming, Specific Applications
Top 13 Architectural Technology US News & World Report Architectural Technology
No. 15 Electrical Engineering Technology Money Magazine Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering
No. 15 Financial Planning Money Magazine Financial Planning
Top 20 IT: Web Development US News & World Report Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster
Top 23 Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology US News & World Report Surveying Technology
Top 28 Marketing US News & World Report Sales, Distribution, and Marketing
Top 31 Financial Planning US News & World Report Financial Planning
Top 34 Computer Engineering Technology US News & World Report Computer Engineering Technology

The court and realtime reporting program is in high demand both for legal proceedings and for video captioning. The Court Reporters Association cites 5,500 job vacancies due to a lack of qualified applicants and an aging workforce. Alfred State offers classes in court reporting 100 percent online or on campus for earning either a certificate or associate degree.

Job opportunities for graduates of information technology programs are numerous, as well, due to the solid foundation in all the major areas of computer information technology and systems. With the growth of GIS, GPS, and geomatics, and a surge in retirements, the job outlook in the field of surveying is also exceptional.

ASC offers students many tools to help discover which major is a good fit. One approach is to narrow down possibilities by evaluating the likelihood of landing a job in the chosen field. Dozens of the college’s degrees traditionally have more employers ready to hire than there are graduates, including many of those listed above. Students can see the list of majors with more jobs than graduates at

A full list of recent Alfred State accolades is available at

student standing in front of a bunch of blue wires
Alfred State College is ranked fourth in the nation by Money Magazine for colleges with information technology: network administration.

Dr. Kellogg authors article titled ‘Foiling Burglars with Holmes and Watson’

Posted Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 10:15

Dr. Richard Kellogg, professor emeritus of psychology at Alfred State College, is the author of an article appearing in the most recent issue of Canadian Holmes, a quarterly journal published by the Bootmakers of Toronto, the Sherlock Holmes Society of Canada.

The article, titled “Foiling Burglars with Holmes and Watson,” compares the accomplishments of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes with those of the prominent American inventor, Edwin Holmes.

The author notes that Sherlock Holmes, with the loyal assistance of Dr. John Watson, was an expert at apprehending burglars in England during the late 19th century. At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic, Edwin Holmes was busy developing the first commercial burglar alarm. His clever device was effective in protecting stores and banks in both Boston and New York City. A skilled technician named Thomas Watson, who would later work with Alexander Graham Bell to develop the modern telephone system, assisted Holmes by building prototypes of his revolutionary invention.

Following the death of Edwin Holmes in 1901, the Holmes Electric Protective Company was purchased by American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) in 1905. A few large corporations controlled the burglar alarm industry in the United States for most of the 20th century.

Dr. Kellogg writes frequently about Sherlock Holmes, the legendary investigator created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is also the creator of the Barry Baskerville series of mystery books for children. The most recent entry in the series, available on the Amazon website, is titled “Barry Baskerville's Marvelous Memory.”

Alfred State College cultivates student interest at National FFA Convention and Expo

Posted Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 10:30

Several Alfred State College students and employees recently attended the 91st annual National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, IN, where they set up a recruiting booth and spoke with numerous students about the benefits of an Alfred State education.

Pictured at the Alfred State booth at the 91st annual National FFA Convention and Expo, from left to right, are students Rebecca Struzynski, Elizabeth Jurs, Jacob Steward, Marissa Folts, Alan Goda, and CaraAnn Dean.
Pictured at the Alfred State booth at the 91st annual National FFA
Convention and Expo, from left to right, are students Rebecca
Struzynski, Elizabeth Jurs, Jacob Steward, Marissa Folts,
Alan Goda, and CaraAnn Dean.

With more than 67,000 attendees, the National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Convention and Expo is one of the world’s largest student conventions, according to its website. For over nine decades, the convention has “united members to demonstrate and celebrate their accomplishments and inspire their individual futures.”

Additionally, the Expo covers more than 253,000 square feet and allows the 400-plus exhibiting companies to network and build agriculture awareness for the next generation of leaders, employees, customers, and advocates. The National FFA Organization, the website notes, is the premier youth organization dedicated to preparing members for leadership and careers in the science, business, and technology of agriculture.

Representing Alfred State at the convention were Travis Armison, instructional support associate, Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department; Brad Smith, instructor, Automotive Trades; and students Rebecca Struzynski, agricultural technology, South Wales; Elizabeth Jurs, agricultural technology, Elba; CaraAnn Dean, agricultural business, Columbia Cross Roads, PA; Marissa Folts, automotive service technician, Springville; Jacob Steward, heavy equipment operations, Randolph; and Alan Goda, heavy equipment, truck and diesel technician, Stanley.

According to Dr. Phil Schroeder, chair of the Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department, the group operated the ASC recruiting booth for three days, where they talked with FFA members and helped them use the heavy equipment simulator and 3-D projection system that were on display.

“Over the three days, they talked to thousands of students and collected more than 700 interest cards,” Schroeder said. “Our booth was awesome, and our students, faculty, and staff did a great job representing Alfred State!”

For more information on the convention, visit

A heavy equipment simulator was one of the highlights of Alfred State College’s recruiting booth at the 91st annual National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, IN.
A heavy equipment simulator was one of the highlights of Alfred State
College’s recruiting booth at the 91st annual National FFA Convention
and Expo in Indianapolis, IN.

ASC Day of Giving to take place Nov. 27

Posted Date: Friday, November 9, 2018 - 09:45

Alfred State College is once again calling upon all Pioneers and friends of the college to show their support for the school during its annual Day of Giving, which is set for Nov. 27. 

This year, Alfred State is looking to raise $150,000 from 700 donors for its big day. 

Trish Haggerty, director of Annual Giving, said, “Our Day of Giving has become an opportunity to watch the alumni, parents, faculty, students, and friends of Alfred State come together from around the world to give back to future generations of Pioneers. There are no gifts too small, because together we can offer an opportunity for students regardless of financial standing to experience the hands-on learning environment that makes Alfred State so exceptional. This year, we are celebrating our 110th anniversary at the college, and we need everyone’s help to get this party started on Nov. 27.”  

In helping to reach its goals, Alfred State is making it as easy as possible for people to give and be a part of this great event. Any gift made to Alfred State between now and Nov. 27 will be counted toward the Day of Giving. 

Donations can be made: 

  • Online at 
  • Over the phone when speaking to one of the college’s volunteer callers that day
  • By mailing in a gift to Alfred State Institutional Advancement, 10 Upper College Drive, Alfred, NY 14802. 

Those looking to be a part of the action that day are encouraged to visit, “like”, follow, and share the Day of Giving toolkit content. The toolkit, found on, will enable supporters to download social media cover images, as well as a profile badge showing they gave. 

Additionally, will feature real-time updates and allow visitors to track what groups are having the biggest impact. Visitors to the site will also be able to be a part of unlocking challenges, matching gifts being awarded, and will see live videos that day. 

Furthermore, Alfred State will be hosting a number of exciting on-campus events on Nov. 27 for Day of Giving to engage and educate students about the importance of giving back. 

For more information on Alfred State’s Day of Giving, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 607-587-3930 or at

PAL students’ food drive collects over 500 items

Posted Date: Friday, November 9, 2018 - 13:45

People in need across the Alfred State College community will soon have more food in their cupboards thanks to some students in the Presidential Aspiring Leaders (PAL) Program.

Recently, the PAL students held a food drive on both campuses, in which they encouraged fellow students, faculty, and staff to bring in any canned goods and nonperishable items and donate them in designated boxes.

Now in its second year, the Alfred State PAL Program was created for students who possess a strong work ethic, display commitment and dedication to their studies, are engaged in the community and the college, and are looking to strengthen their leadership skills.

students wearing blue suite coats in front of cans of food
PAL Program students pose with President Dr. Skip Sullivan and a pyramid of items collected
during their recent food drive. From left to right are Skye Steves, welding, Collins; Peter York,
construction management, Akron; food drive co-chair Hannah Weaver, business administration,
Spencerport; food drive co-chair Carolyn Wright, agricultural business, Franklinville; President
Sullivan; Nathanael Gisellie, financial planning, Jakarta, Indonesia; Dawei “David” Tao, human
services management, Nanjing, China; and Karl Platt IV, heavy equipment operations, Albany.

According to Carolyn Wright, who co-chaired the food drive along with fellow PAL member Hannah Weaver, business administration, Spencerport, a total of 535 food items were collected.

“The food will go to anyone in need across campus,” said Wright, an agricultural business major from Franklinville. “Any food left over after distribution will be donated to the Alfred Food Pantry.”

Giving his thoughts on the food drive, Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan said, “This will make an impact on a lot of people who just don’t have as much as others during the holiday season. The PAL students put a lot of heart into this. Our students are very civic-minded, and I’m just so grateful to be a part of this great institution and certainly proud of student organizations that do things like this.”

The food will be made available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 on the first floor of the St. Jude Chapel on the Alfred campus. Wright said she encourages anyone in need to stop by.

“The food will be sorted, and there will be bags that people can take and fill with what they want,” she said.

While they were initially unsure of how the food drive would go, Wright said she and the PAL students were very pleased with how much they collected.

“We all feel it was a great start to what will hopefully become a PAL tradition,” she said.

Wright noted that the PAL students are grateful for all the help and guidance they received along the way to make the food drive a success.

“I would like to recognize the help of the Business Professionals of America, Architecture, and Newman clubs with collection and distribution,” she said. “I would also like to thank all the faculty across campus who helped supply us with materials we needed, and for all their support. It was nice to be able to involve other groups on campus.”

Check out a video about the food drive here.