Finishing my summer internship

Today I finished my summer internship at the farm. Everything turned out really well and I'm glad I got to come here. I got to learn about training heifers and dairy farming. It was interesting for me to see what goes on in a dairy farm and to learn about the kind of work that is done. I was surprised to see that there weren't many people who signed up for the summer internship. Most of the people there were work-study. It is something that I think would awesome for other students to take.
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Working with the heifers for the last time.

Today was my last day working with the four heifers I stared working with at the beginning of the summer. It makes me sad that this will be the last time I will get to work with them. At the same time it makes me so happy to see how much progress they have made with me in the past month. When I started with them they were confused as to what I wanted them to do. They didn't want to walk on a halter with me. Now they handle everything very well and can work with people very well. Hopefully I will get to see them when school starts.
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