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Students Help Flood Victims

After the recent flooding that occurred around the state, many students and organizations here at Alfred pulled together to help the victims of this disaster.  Dorms have put together programs to raise funds for the victims, as well as gathered clothing and supplies.  In my dorm, we have already started two events, one is a jar war to collect money and the other is a clothing and canned food drive.  Later this week the RA's are putting on a "Pie your RA" program to raise more funds for the relief.

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A Day as an Alfred Student

Hello, Everyone!

This is my first ever blog, and I thought this could be a good chance to go through what a day as an Alfred State student can look like for any potential students.  First of all, I'm currently a Sophomore in the Architectural Technology program, and I am also a tour guide, student caller, and e-ambassador.  So if any of you come for a tour, maybe I'll see you then!

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