Meal Plans

All About Food at Alfred State

Every on-campus Alfred State student must have a meal plan. The good news is that Dining Services makes it easy and economical to select a plan that works for you.

Each meal plan also includes Dining Dollars which can be used to buy value meals or a la carte food purchases at any on-campus restaurants. Students can also use their Campus Spending Account or cash to buy meals and snacks on campus and off campus. Meals that are not used each week are not refundable or transferable due to New York State tax law.

When you are ready to start thinking about meal plans, think simplicity and flexibility. Your goal as a student, especially as a freshman, is to focus on academics. Good nutrition is an important part of that goal. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle a close budget and school work at the same time. So, we think the 14 or 18 meal plan works best for your first semester.

Meal Plans 2014-2015

All Alfred State students living in residence halls are required to select an on-campus meal plan. Townhouse residents and non-resident students may select any plan or opt for no meal plan.*

TypePlanDescriptionDining Dollars**PriceBest Value
On-Campus21 MealsAny 21 meals per week$125$2,745Very good for athletes, hearty eaters.
On-Campus18-Meal Plan PlusAny 18 meals per week$125$2,415Excellent for on-campus freshmen. Very good for three meal per day diners.
On-Campus14-Meal Plan PlusAny 14 meals per week.$150$2,125Excellent for on-campus diners.
On-Campus12-Meal Plan PlusAny 12 meals per week$200$2,065Perfect for students who travel off-campus on weekends.
On-Campus9-Meal Plan PlusAny 9 meals per week$225$1,895Good for light eaters.
On-Campus5-Meal Plan PlusAny 5 meals per week$500$1,655Good for light eaters.
TownhouseTownhouse Meal PlanAny 3 meals per week$300$1,075Helps supplement townhouse meal preparation.
Non-residentNon-residentAny 5 meals per week -$975Excellent for commuters.
Non-residentCommuterN/APlan I
Plan II
Plan III
Provides non-taxable food purchases while on campus.

*Before students can select a non-resident meal plan, an approved housing waiver must be on file with the Residential Life Office.

**Dining Dollars may be increased at any time online or at the ACES Business Office on the first floor of the Central Dining Hall.

Remember, students may only change their meal plan option during the first two weeks of the Fall semester. After that, meal plan options can be changed when you process your spring semester bill. New or transfer students who enter Alfred State in the spring semester will have two weeks to change their meal plan selection.

Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services, Inc. (ACES) is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the mission of Alfred State by providing dining services, campus bookstores, cable TV, transportation and vending services to Alfred State students.