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Alfred State rolls out new ‘Feast Beast’ food truck

Posted Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 09:15

Food truck mania will sweep over Alfred State this fall, ushered in by the arrival of “The Feast Beast,” the college’s first mobile dining venue.

President Dr. Skip Sullivan drives the new “Feast Beast” food truck through a ribbon during a ceremony
President Dr. Skip Sullivan drives the new “Feast Beast” food truck through a ribbon

Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan drove the Beast through the inaugural blue ribbon, Monday, June 13, signaling the arrival of the 24-foot truck. The Beast, which will serve exclusively on the Alfred State campuses and property, will offer signature sandwiches and hand-crafted burgers and salads. The food truck is owned and operated by Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services, Inc. (ACES), the not-for-profit corporation that provides dining services on campus.

“The multi-year renovation of the MacKenzie Complex has forced us to close one of the most popular eateries on campus,” explained ACES Executive Director David Sengstock. “We had to come up with a flexible solution that would fill the needs of students who will be looking for convenient dining choices. Our new food truck provides us the ability to be anywhere on campus and with the equipment onboard, we can serve a tremendous variety of menu items.”

The truck, designed by Custom Mobile Food Equipment, with graphics created by Lonowood Art Company, was available for tours at its debut. Students, faculty, and staff are already lining up for the opportunity to see and taste what “The Feast Beast” has to offer.

“My friends and I are so excited to jump into food truck cuisine,” said Kaitlin Johnson, a culinary arts major from Fredonia. “Even though it’s only June, I’m ready for August already. I loved the chance to see the inside of the truck before ACES started using it.“

“The Beast will really up the ‘fun factor’ for student dining,” said Denise Brownell, director of Dining Services. “We designed the truck for maximum flexibility because we want to be able to respond to student feedback and change menu items easily. ACES is confident that students are going to be excited when they see the food truck on campus.”

Students will be able to use their meal plan to dine from the food truck by purchasing a value meal option, or by using Dining Dollars or Campus Spending Account cash. Cashiers onboard will also accept cash and credit cards.