Laptop Required Curriculums

There are many computer labs available for student use; however, the curriculums listed below require a laptop. Students are required to have laptops by the first day of classes. Laptop computers are available through the Campus Bookstore. See also Frequently Asked Questions about student computing options.

Curriculum NameRequired Laptop
(see specifications below)
Architectural Technology (AAS)high-end
Architectural Technology (BS)high-end
Biological Sciencebaseline 
Business Administration (BBA)baseline
CAD/CAM Technology high-end 
Computer Engineering Technology (AAS) high-end 
Computer Engineering Technology (BS) high-end
Computer Information Systemshigh-end
Computer Sciencehigh-end 
Construction Engineering Technology baseline
Construction Management Engineering Technology baseline
Digital Media and Animation (AAS)  Apple MacBook Pro
Digital Media and Animation (BS) Apple MacBook Pro
Drafting/CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting)baseline 
Drafting/CAD-Model Building & Process Piping Drawingbaseline 
Drafting/CAD-Technical Illustrationbaseline 
Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS) high-end 
Electrical Engineering Technology (BS) high-end 
Engineering Science high-end 
Environmental Technologybaseline
Financial Planningbaseline 
Forensic Science Technologybaseline  
Information Security and Assurancehigh-end
Information Technology - Applications Software Developmenthigh-end
Information Technology - Network Administrationhigh-end
Information Technology - Web Developmenthigh-end
Interior Design high-end 
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Math & Sciencebaseline
Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS) high-end 
Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) high-end 
Nursing (AAS)baseline
Nursing (BS-N)baseline
Pre-Environmental Science and Forestrybaseline
Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technologybaseline
Surveying Engineering Technology (AAS) baseline
Technology Managementbaseline 

Laptop or Desktop Required Curriculums

Curriculum NameRequired Laptop
(see specifications below)
Coding and Reimbursement Specialistbaseline
Health Information Technologybaseline

Baseline Suggested Laptop- PC

  • Processor - Intel Core i5
  • OS - Windows 7 Professional or 7 higher
  • Memory - 4 GB
  • Graphics Memory - 256 MB or Integrated
  • Hard Drive - 250 GB
  • Display Monitor - 14"

High-end Laptop- PC

  • Processor - Intel Core i5 or i7
  • OS - Windows 7 Professional or higher
  • Memory - 16 GB
  • Graphics Memory - 1 GB
  • Hard Drive - 320 GB
  • Display Monitor - 15.6 or 17"

Apple MacBook Pro

Information about the Apple MacBook Pro required laptop for digital media and animation programs can be found on the academics page.