Entrepreneurship (AAS)

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Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
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James Grillo
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This program of study is designed to prepare the recent high school graduate, vocational student, displaced worker, or individual who is re-entering the work force for a career as a small business owner. Over the next decade, much of the growth in the American economy will come from the start-up and growth of small business. Many ask whether entrepreneurship can truly be taught or whether it is an innate characteristic. Research has shown that entrepreneurship is a process and many aspects of entrepreneurship are learned behaviors. Alfred State will teach the student those skills and behavior patterns necessary to contribute to personal and business success. Courses in accounting, sales, advertising, management, small business operations, leadership and problem solving, as well as two courses in entrepreneurship will be taught in addition to the more traditional liberal arts and business courses.

One of the key success factors of entrepreneurship is planning, definitely a learned skill. Our program offers two specific courses in entrepreneurship, the first to develop a feasibility plan to evaluate and explore ideas, as well as a general overview of general business foundations; the second to develop a viable individualized business plan which will be used both as a map for success, as well as a document students could use as a financing proposal (a real-life simulation project with cooperating businesses in town). Extensive use of guest speakers, experts in various aspects of small business, will be used in both these classes.

A laptop computer is recommended, but not required, for students entering the entrepreneurship program.

Student Learning Outcomes: 
  • Identify sources of new ideas for business ventures.
  • Identify the different sections of a business plan.
  • Conduct industry specific research and analyze the results that relate to their business venture.
  • Write a business plan that includes a marketing, operations, and financial strategy.
  • Present and defend their business plan.
  • Critical Thinking (problem solving, reasoning skills appropriate to degree level and type)
Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra
Recommended: Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Features & Facilities: 
  • Focuses on all aspects of starting and owning a small business venture. Key features include development of a business plan for a startup business
  • Students are taken through each “how to” step to start a new business or purchase an existing business
  • Hands-on experience with small business record keeping, business plan development, advertising, leadership and management skills, computer applications, and salesmanship
Graduation Requirements: 

67 semester hours with a 2.0 cumulative index.

Career Opportunities: 
  • Manager of Small Business
  • Owner-Operator of Small Business
Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Program: 

Alfred State entrepreneurship AAS graduates may enter directly into either the business administration BBA or technology management BBA degree program.

Transfer Opportunities: 

Students may transfer directly into one of our own BBA programs or to another college to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Typical Semester Layout: 

Most students are in a classroom setting 15-18 hours a week for formal instruction. All courses required of business administration majors are three credit hours, which equates to three-four hours a week in a classroom/lab and six-eight hours a week of outside reading and project assignments. Students are assigned a faculty adviser specific to their program, who works individually with him/her to set up schedules and choose appropriate electives.

First Semestercredits
ACCT1124Financial Accounting4
MKTG2073Principles of Marketing3
CISY1103Information Technology Mgmt.3
COMP1503Freshman Composition3
MATHxxx3Math Elective3
HPEDxxx1Physical Education Elective1
Second Semestercredits
ACCT2224Managerial Accounting4
BUAD2033Business Communications3
 xxx3Humanities Gen Ed Elective3
BUAD3043Business Law I3
MATHxxx3Math Elective3
BUAD3153Fundamentals of Mgt3
Third Semestercredits
**MKTG1033Advertising Principles3
BUAD4203Intro to Personal Financial Planning3
 xxx3Gen Education Elective3
 xxx3Business Elective3
Fourth Semestercredits
*BUAD4004Essentials of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt4
*BUAD4193Insurance and Risk Management3
*BUAD4053Business Law II3

*Offered in the spring semester only.

**Offered in the fall semester only.

Total Credit Hours - 67

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Survey Details201020112012
Receiving Degrees114
Responding to Survey1 (100%)1 (100%)3 (75%)
Employed----1 (33%)
Employed in Field----1 (100%)
Transferred--1 (100%)2 (67%)
Unemployed & Seeking Employment------
Unemployed & Not Seeking Employment1 (100%)----
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