Digital Media and Animation (AAS)

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Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
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360 Virtual TourThe emerging field of computer imaging and animation is impacting virtually every industry and profession. The digital media and animation program provides students with a broad range of technical, creative, and problem-solving skills to facilitate their employment in new media and animation. At the core of the program is an eight-semester sequence of studio courses that enhances individual artistic creativity and provides instruction in the traditional arts and industry standard computer graphics software. View students' work.

An Apple MacBook Pro laptop is required for students entering the digital media and animation program.

Student Learning Outcomes: 
  • Demonstrate adaptability/flexibility with technology and communicate verbally using specific terminology associated with the software, hardware, and industry,
  • Illustrate critical thinking by completing problem solving activities,
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic through time management and quality works,
  • Communicate in writing an analysis of their work as well as the work of others,
  • Visually analyze their own work, as well as the work of others, in critiques, presentations, writing, and other activities,
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history and theory relevant to digital media and animation through writing, oral presentations, and incorporation of such knowledge into course assignments.
Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra, Geometry
Recommended: Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Features & Facilities: 

Provides the broad skills necessary for employment in the computer graphic art, design, and animation fields. Industry standard computer animation software is used to develop computer art on high-end workstations.

Career Opportunities: 
  • Animation
  • Interactive Media
  • Digital Imaging
  • Media Design
  • Fine Art
Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Program: 

Alfred State digital media and animation AAS graduates may enter directly into either the digital media and animation BS or technology management BBA degree program.

Typical Semester Layout: 

Digital media and animation students generally take three major-specific courses and two or three academic courses per semester (21-24 hours in-class time each week). Students usually attend one morning class, have a lunch break, and then take two afternoon classes.

First Semestercredits
DGMA1403Computer Animation I3
DGMA1413Foundations: Form/Space3
CIAT1423Intro to Visual Communication3
COMP1503Freshman Composition3
DGMA1333Survey of Animation & Visual Effects3
Second Semestercredits
DGMA2403Computer Animation II3
FNAT24233D Design/Color3
FNAT2433Figure and Motion3
FNAT1313Art History3
LITR2603Introduction to Literature3
 xxx3Gen Ed/Math Elective3
Third Semestercredits
DGMA3403Computer Animation III3
DGMA3203Interactive Authoring3
SOCI 1163General Sociology3
 xxx3Gen Ed/American History3
 xxx3Gen Ed/Natural Sciences Elective3
HPEDxxx1Physical Education1
Fourth Semestercredits
DGMA4443Computer Animation IV3
DGMA4103Interactive Design3
SPCH1083Effective Speaking3
FNAT3513Art History II3
LITR2813Introduction to Film3
COMP3703Technical Writing I3

Entry level of student into math and composition/literature sequences is a function of student's high school preparation and mathematics and English placement examinations.

Minimum of "C" is required for all core courses.

Students are required to complete a digital portfolio assignment to meet graduation requirements. A 2.75 GPA in core courses is required to go from AAS to BS degree. Digital media and animation faculty will examine a digital portfolio for students who do not meet this requirement and determine if the student's work meets the standards for entry into the BS program.

Also required - One unit of physical education.

Employment and Transfer Rate: 
Employment and Transfer Survey Details: 
Survey Details201020112012
Receiving Degrees265
Responding to Survey0 (0%)5 (83%)4 (80%)
Employed--1 (20%)1 (25%)
Employed in Field--0 (0%)1 (100%)
Transferred--4 (80%)3 (75%)
Unemployed & Seeking Employment------
Unemployed & Not Seeking Employment------
Employment and Transfer Salary Information: 

$20,000 - $29,999 (1)