Broadcast Captioning Preparation Module

If you are a working reporter or a graduate of a machine steno program who wants to learn the basics of captioning in order to be able to branch into closed captioning, this self-guided course will help to prepare you for the transition. Dictations of news, weather, sports and dictations for duration are offered in .wma format at speeds ranging from 130 words per minute up to 200 words per minute, and lengths ranging from five minutes to 30 minutes for duration. The lower speeds will let you get used to the type of material you’ll hear in newscasts at a nice manageable speed.

Topics covered in the module’s Captioning Concepts include fingerspelling, paraphrasing, prefixes/suffixes, creating and using multiple dictionaries, defining multiple-word names and phrases, defining and using all tenses of a word, prepping and prescripting, editing the phonetic table, parentheticals, and more. The course is self-guided, meaning everything you need is available in the course materials. It is a captioning preparation course, so there is no “testing” or grading involved.

If you have questions while completing the course, you may email Court Reporting Assistant Professor Melissa Blake at